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    Aveda Hammond Esthiology Student of the Month

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Hammond would like to recognize Melissa Leblanc as our Esthiology Student of the Month.  We asked Melissa a few questions about why she chose Aveda for her Esthiology education.  Melissa chose Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Hammond after graduating from Tioga High School and attending classes at both Louisiana State University and Baton Rouge Community College.

    Congratulations Melissa!  

    We’re excited to see what great things you do in your career after graduation!

    skin care school louisiana

    Melissa Leblanc

    I have several friends in the beauty industry.  I trust them, so I went to them for advice after I’d decided to be an esthetician.  They each encouraged me to enroll at Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Hammond.  The Aveda name is reputable and our educators in Hammond are respected.

    It’s hard to specify my favorite part of this experience.  I’ve made friends I adore, from fellow students to AI staff, I love what I’m learning and practicing more than I’d even anticipated, and I enjoy being in downtown Hammond.  I love teaching Yoga because it combines physical and emotional well being.  It’s therapeutic.  I see parallels between Yoga and esthetics that way.  The client makes time for self, enjoys their spa treatment, and leaves with healthier skin and a happier heart.  Seeing clients leave in a more happy, relaxed state than the one they arrived in might be my favorite thing.



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