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    Aveda Institute Tallahassee February Student of the Month

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Tallahassee would like to recognize Sarah Beach for being our Student of the Month!

    Image of student of the month for Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Tallahassee

    Sarah is a native to Tallahassee and graduated from Wakulla High School, and she is on track to graduate from our Spa Therapy Program in March.

    Sarah’s favorite pastime is volunteering at a friend’s ranch where she helps with the horses; she also enjoys the riding style of Dressage.Sarah made the choice to come to Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Tallahassee because it was a logical decision for her.

    Sarah has expressed that she has a passion for aromatherapy and connecting with the guest. Her favorite product is our Lavender Pure Essential Oil; she loves this product because it has multiple uses from aromatherapy uses for calming to its anti-fungal benefits.

    Sarah’s professional goal at this time is to pass her MBLEx so that she can become a licensed massage therapist, and she is looking forward to obtaining a Full Specialist registration after graduation which will enable her to provide esthiology and nail services. Sarah would like to further her education and become certified in Asiashtu massage which is a modality that uses the therapist’s feet and gravity to facilitate a deeper pressure massage.

    She believes she has been a successful student because of her communication skills in educating her guests, both on the benefits of massage and facials, as well as product knowledge.

    G.P.A:  98.67%
    Attendance: 101.91%
    Prebook: 61.11%

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