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    Be Kind to Your Mind. Mental Wellness & YOU at Aveda Arts

    Often considered a taboo topic, mental health is subject to deep cultural misunderstandings and an unfortunate pattern of blaming the affected for their illness. A recent study by the Boston University School of Public Health (BUSPH) revealed depression rates in the United States more than tripled during the pandemic. We can’t afford to ignore the mental health crisis, which is why the Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes recognize its complexity, especially as it relates to nurturing students for what we consider a helping profession. 

    This October, Aveda Arts honored Mental Illness Awareness month, week, and World Mental Health Day on October 10. Diving into big subjects, campuses across the United States made space for safe and meaningful conversation. 

    Additionally, Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute recently launched the platform, YOU At Aveda Arts, for all students and staff members. YOU at Aveda Arts is a resource that offers information to promote mental and physical wellness, as well as tools for managing stress and anxiety. The platform is strictly confidential and prioritizes privacy. As we believe the body is a temple and your mind is a powerful thing. The body and mind also happen to be the types of things the YOU at Aveda Arts portal can help care amidst the chaos of everyday life. 

    YOU at Aveda Arts’ goal is to serve our campuses with resources and support for a healthful lifestyle and success in both students’ and staff’s educational and personal lives.  

    If you are a current student of Aveda Arts, this impactful resource is available to you now! Visit and simply create your account with your email address and start exploring the resources to help you lean into a life where you succeed, thrive, and most importantly–matter. 

    If you are thinking about attending an Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute, you will also receive access to YOU at Aveda Arts as part of your educational program. Give us a call at 877.892.8332 to set up a tour or talk to an Admissions Manager today. 


    Self-care is not selfish— your mental health and wellness are a priority.  


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