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    Behind the Scenes: Full Potential Photo Shoot

    The Edwin Neill II Full Potential Student Award competition recognizes the talent and promise of future professionals. Edwin Neil II lived the Aveda mission and was one of the greatest role models in the Aveda Network.

    Entries are judged by a panel of Aveda Global Artists and Educators in the following categories: Creativity, Artistry, Difficulty, Photographer Composition, and Technical Precision.

    Students from each Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute traveled to select locations to bring their visions to life. Check out some behind the scenes photos from the 2017 Full Potential photo shoot.

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Jacksonville


    Stylist: Matthew Koepka
    Model: Kennady McMinn
    Makeup: Iva Owen
    Color: Kelly Allen
    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Orlando

    Full Potential

    Model: Dayna Lantz
    Hair: Abby Diaz and Ashli Bailey
    Makeup: Brandi Lopez

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute South Florida

    Behind the Scenes Look

    Stylist: Peyton Faires
    Model: Melissa Constance
    Makeup: Raysa Llinas
    Color: Christine Romero
    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Tallahassee

    Full Potential Photoshoot

    Stylist: Ashley Allen-Hudson
    Model: Shelby Hodges
    Makeup: Claire Segers
    Color: Jennifer Day
    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Tampa Bay

    Full Potential

    Stylist: Jeaneth Velez
    Model: Natalie Bodemann
    Makeup: Jessica Roscom
    Color: Erica Simpson
    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute New Orleans
    Aveda Student Work
    Stylist: Jordan Rhea Hines
    Makeup: Mandi Lee Sweeney
    Color: Hanna Staub
    Model: Kendall McNay
    Aveda Baton Rouge Student
    Stylist: Kelli Chauvin
    Makeup: Ian Moreau
    Color: Sophia Simon
    Model: Taylor Otken
    Image of Aveda Covington Student
    Stylist: Maryann Bruno
    Makeup: Allison Barber
    Color: Krissy Fabre
    Model: Haley Jacobs
    Aveda Student
    Stylist: Katlyn Wagner
    Makeup: Natalie Connell
    Color: Haley Phillips
    Model: Madison Bryant
    Full Potential Aveda Charlotte
    Stylist: Sashia Collins
    Makeup: Anna McCord
    Color: Felicia Vega
    Model: Nathalie Fernandez
    Aveda Student
    Cut & Style: Tiffany Williams
    Makeup: Mo Lopee
    Color: Kelli Duym
    Image of Aveda Student
    Stylist: Meghan Gregory
    Makeup: Mona Eghterafi
    Color: Kiersten Pate
    Model: Emma Vail
    Full Potential
    Stylist: Indigo Williams
    Makeup: Greggory Quarels
    Color: Nancy Teppan
    San Antonio Photoshoot
    Stylist:    Kineta Hudson
    Makeup: Jacquelynn Marroquin
    Color: Amanda Johnson
    Model: Sarah Small
    Full Potential
    Stylist: Jalyne Hopkins
    Makeup: Megan Morales
    Color: Sonya Aleman
    Model: Shauna Aubry

    Full Potential Dallas

    Stylist: Heidi Platt
    Makeup: Spencer Pursell
    Color: Erin Cron
    Model: Margaret Russell
    ALT: Amy Taylor

    Aveda Houst - Full Potential Submission

    Stylist:   Dustin Burke
    Makeup: Macy Malin
    Color: Taylor Cardenas
    Model: Christina Patricio


    Stylist:   Noemi Torres
    Makeup: Arian Brumby
    Color: August Tapia
    Model: Lara Prevallet




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