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    Are you ready to embark on a journey into the captivating world of Cosmetology & Esthiology? Join us for Fall Fest at Aveda Arts: a day filled with inspiration, education, and limitless opportunities to kickstart your career in the beauty industry.  Experience a chance to immerse yourself in the artistry and creativity that define the […]

    Support Your Local Planet!

    In celebration of Earth Month, people worldwide come together to protect the environment, and Aveda, whose mission has always been to care for the planet, is joining in. As part of our commitment to the planet, we are sharing some of the ways in which we give back. Aveda has been using naturally derived ingredients […]

    ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Isdis Marquez

    The spotlight is on Isdis Marquez, an individual who discovered her passion for makeup, hair, and beauty-related things at a young age. At 15, after her quinceañera, she was allowed to wear makeup, which sparked her excitement to start practicing on friends and family. “I remember being super excited for my first makeup purchase,” she […]

    Dads Can Do Hair, Too!

    When you’re choosing a hairstylist, your dad may not be your first thought. Often, even a simple ponytail can be a big challenge for dads and their daughters.  Hosted at the Arlington Public Library, a group of students from our Aveda Arts Arlington campus set out to change this stereotype by coaching dads at an […]

    Makeovers With Meaning: High Schoolers Visit Aveda Arts NY

    Aveda Arts New York had the opportunity to host 40 high school students with the purpose of treating them to a self-care day and helping them launch into their future careers and college.  “I think young individuals like these students don’t often get the opportunity to take a break and just have a day to […]

    SERIOUS Inspiration: Aveda Arts Students Attend Serious Business Conference

    At the start of each year, Neill hosts their annual Serious Business Conference – one of the most celebrated business education events in the beauty industry. Attendees travel to New Orleans to hear inspiration and education from some of the world’s most innovative thinkers.   This year’s theme – Upturn: a revitalization of our beauty industry […]

    Speaking our Hearts to our Students & Guests: Aveda Arts Minneapolis

    Our advocacy for Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Minneapolis is on a grand scale as we want others to be as passionate as we are about the beauty industry, the Aveda company as a whole, and our beautiful institute. We know we cannot solely fix everything going on in the world; however, the beauty industry, […]

    Paving the Way in the Industry

    “Can you do textured hair?” is a question many Black women find themselves asking as they enter a salon.  For many years, there has been an ongoing conversation about black women being turned away from salons due to many hairstylists’ inexperience working with textured hair. Unfortunately, the cause of the issue is due to the […]

    Poetry Art: Installation at Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Minneapolis

    Creating beauty in a world that can sometimes appear everything but, is exactly what you will experience on the windows of the Aveda Arts and Sciences Institute in Minneapolis. While so many businesses are ambiguous about supporting the diverse perspectives that make up the world in 2020, Aveda Arts is leading the industry in change. […]

    Anthony Fantroy Memorial Scholarship

    This new Aveda Arts scholarship program was dreamed up by the Diversity & Inclusion Task Force and is dedicated to serving the needs of students from socioeconomic areas. This scholarship program has been developed to motivate and support college-aged students who may not otherwise have the resources to pursue post-secondary education. What sets this program […]

    Lauren’s Story

    Baton Rouge educator, Lauren Williams, has been working hard to help get a cosmetology training program started at the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women. She has coached the inmates to help them prepare for their practical exam, and four inmates passed with flying colors to become licensed instructors. Thanks to Lauren and her passion to […]

    Spotlight Students at Aveda Institute Birmingham Beauty School

    Cosmetology: Emily Dye Why did you come to Aveda? The overall atmosphere and how friendly everyone is and how excited the students and staff are. And the Aroma, it didn’t smell like a salon and at Aveda, we help others with all our fundraising. What is your favorite Aveda product? My favorite product in the […]

    Hammond Esthiology Student of the Month

    Why I choose Aveda? When looking into schools for Esthiology, Aveda’s reputation stood out higher than all other schools. The education and guidance I’m receiving here at Aveda is outstanding and has exceeded all my expectations. What’s been your best experience at Aveda so far? Meeting new people and making new life long friends. The […]

    Birmingham’s November Student Spotlight

    Join us in celebrating our November Students of the Month, Singrid Thompson and Cha’nnel Norris! Singrid Thompson “The reason why I chose to attend Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Birmingham is because after doing much research, this was the only institute that offered an excellent esthiology program. The reviews were exceptional and after taking a […]

    Nashville September Student Spotlight

    Please join us in our celebration of both Taylor Gullett and Michelle Reeves as our September Students of the Month! Taylor Gullett (left) is an exceptional Cosmetology student at Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute in Nashville.  Taylor strives to always mirror the stylist she dreams of being.  She arrives perfectly polished and intentionally positive to […]

    Covington’s August Student Spotlight

    Congratulations to Tiffany Werner for being Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Covington’s Student of the Month for August! Tiffany was chosen because she is always willing to help any team member in any capacity they need.  She is always striving to grow her books and build relationships by taking walk-in guests. Her educators speak highly […]

    Baton Rouge’s July Student Spotlight

    Congratulations to Jessica Brown for being Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Baton Rouge’s July Student of the Month! Jessica is an amazing example of what it means to be passionate about the beauty industry. Jessica motivates everyone around her and is an avid self-starter that embraces coaching and new experiences. We are very proud to […]

    Aveda Houston’s July Student Spotlight

    Congratulations to Karissa Headington for being selected as Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Houston’s July Student of the Month! Karissa is an absolutely amazing student. Her passion for hair color and growing her business is astonishing for a new student. When she was in foundations, she consistently brought in two models a day and was […]

    Support Clean Water for Earth Month

      “Our mission at Aveda is to care for the world we live in, from the products we make to the ways in which we give back to society. At Aveda, we strive to set an example for environmental leadership and responsibility, not just in the world of beauty, but around the world.” Earth day […]

    Aveda Spring Makeup How To

    The limited-edition Indian Sunset makeup palette was inspired by the warm colors of a seamless sunset and the cool watercolor shades of dawn. Use the collection to create intense, shimmering eyes with the sultry shades of a sun dipping into the horizon, or brighten them with the pastel light of a sun rising over it. […]

    Inspired Hair and Makeup for Photoshoot

    Masters students at Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Birmingham were able to explore their creativity and create inspired looks to do hair and makeup for their Masters Photoshoot. Read about what inspired them and check out the stunning images below. Student’s Name: Olivia Ireland Models Name: Grayson Fulton What inspired the look?: “Ethereal Beauty” What’s […]

    Aveda Institute Covington’s February Student of the Month

    Congratulations to Christina Cassels for being Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Covington’s February Student of the Month! Christina is a Masters Student who has shown tremendous growth over the past few months. Her biggest joy is being a mother and her strength is in service education. She is hard working and determined to lead a […]

    Balance your Inner Beauty

    At Aveda, we draw on Ayurveda, a 5,000 year-old healing tradition from India, that helps us balance our chakras — 7 spinning wheels of energy. Each of our seven main chakras contains our psychological, beauty, health, and a spiritual state of well-being. When one chakra is out of line, energy will not flow fluidly. Aveda […]

    Aveda Institute Birmingham Masters Photoshoot

    Students from Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Birmingham did hair and makeup for looks inspired by the decades. Read about their inspiration and the stunning images from their Masters Photoshoot. Stylist: Alicia Moore Inspiration: 80’s Rock Model: Aija Penix What inspired the look? “I have a love for the 80’s. It is one of my […]

    2016 Hair Trends

    As the new year starts, it’s tradition to set resolutions for self improvement. Whether these adjustments are internal or external, we can always count on a new ‘do to bring us the confidence that will carry us through these goals. Stay ahead of the trends by checking out the top 2016 hairstyles we predict are […]

    Aveda Holiday Gift Sets Give Back

    Our holiday gift sets are wrapped in handcrafted paper which has employed more than 5,500 people in Nepal. By buying your friends and family AVEDA, you are helping over 2,400 families live better lives. Mothers can send their children to school and become providers with their income. Fathers who had to leave for work can […]

    Aveda Chakra Holiday Gift Sets Now Available

    At Aveda, we draw on Ayurveda, a 5,000 year-old healing tradition from India, that helps us balance our chakras — 7 spinning wheels of energy. Each of our seven main chakras contains our psychological, beauty, health, and a spiritual state of well-being. When one chakra is out of line, energy will not flow fluidly. Aveda […]

    Students Start Their Cosmetology Experience

    While beginning beauty school can be nerve-racking, it is also an exciting time in one’s life with the prospect of starting a new journey. At Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes South, we offer students the opportunity to excel in a creative and fast paced industry. Read these student’s early experiences at Aveda Arts & Sciences […]

    Trend Report: Spring 2016 New York Fashion Week

    Flower in Bloom Aveda Makeup for Chiara Boni   Gorgeous shades of pinks and oranges set the tone for the breathtaking Chiara Boni La Petite Robe Spring 2016 Collection inspired by a blossoming rose garden. The elegant clothing, including swimwear and party dresses, were all accented with delicate bursting rosettes that emphasized the collection’s ladylike […]

    Love and Education

    At AI South, our goal is to provide our students with the best education and learning experience possible.  By wrapping love into our curriculum, our students learn not only the technical skills, they also learn about mutual respect, one of our core values at AI South.  If we are respectful of others in the same […]

    5 Aveda Tips For Summer

    Let AVEDA help you look and feel your best this Summer with these 5 simple Summer tips. 1. Ricardo Dinis, Aveda Artistic Director, Hair Cutting, recommends going with the flow for summer style. 2. After a shower or bath, apply a few drops of our AVEDA Calming Composition to damp skin to seal in moisture. […]

    What Sets AVEDA Beauty Schools Fl Apart?

    Blog by beauty school fl / cosmetology fl student: Karina Diaz Leadership, respect for others and the world we live in, and unity. These are just some of the words that come to mind that sets Aveda above any brand and beauty schools out there. At Aveda we work together as one to reach the […]