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    How to Create Game of Thrones Inspired Hair


    Game of thrones inspired hair


    AI Birmingham Presents:

    How to Create Game of Thrones Inspired Hair

    Hair By:

    AIB Foundations Students of Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Birmingham

    Step 1Step 1: Blow dry hair and brush out any knots or tangles with pedal brush.

    image of step 2 for birmingham Step 2: Using comb, section out hair for braid based on desired size and placement and apply a small amount of Confixor.

    step three birmingham Step 3: French braid your hair to the opposite side of the head, incorporating more hair from the base with each braid.

    4Step 4: Bobby pin the french braid to hold in place.

    Step 5 Birmingham Step 5: Curl the loose hair to create a wavy texture and finish by evenly spraying with Control Force.

    Final blog


    Products Used:

    Aveda Confixor
    Aveda Control Force

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