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    Dallas June Student Spotlight

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Dallas is excited to feature Xiomara Bermudez and Alexandra McElhannon as our June Beauty School Students of the Month!

    Xiomara Bermudez


    dallas student of the month



    Xiomara’s journey started from a desire to apply eyelash extensions. While researching, she found out she needed to get her license in Esthiology or Cosmetology first. She selected the Esthiology program since she has always been one to take care of her own skin. This was originally something she was going to do part-time, but it turned into a longer process than anticipated.

    Once she finishes her program here at Aveda she will continue her training with hopes of becoming certified in lash extensions. After she completes her certification she will remain at her current job as a Front Desk Hostess where she has been employed for the last ten years and start working toward creating her own business. Lashes have been a passion of hers because she personally struggled with her own lashes. Having her own lashes done makes her feels beautiful and gives her a confidence level that she cannot even explain. For Xio, a lash application is a luxury and a way to pamper oneself so that your inner beauty can be reflected on the outside.

    Xio also shared how she tells her guests that there is nothing wrong with admiring or loving something about themselves. As a Wellness, she always congratulates her guests for taking the time to do something for themselves. In return, making her guests feel good makes Xio feel good.
    When asked what motivates her to continue on this journey, Xio simply stated she tells herself she made a commitment and she is not the type to break commitments. She feels Aveda sets the standards and expectations that students can take onto a professional world. They are given the formula for success and all you have to do is follow it! Her employer now is also someone she looks up to. To Xio, he embodies all the qualities a good boos should be. Her other motivator is one of her regular guests at work because when she shared she was possibly going to pursue this career she told Xio she can do anything she wants to do…never belittle herself to maybes.

    Xio’s advice to her classmates and to future students is to act like a sponge. “Students are given all the tools for success…listen to the educators…follow the mission…if you are open about it and allow yourself to be engulfed in it, there is no way you cannot succeed”. Just like her Intro Educator, Wendi Hardage, would say…hop on that Unicorn! Absorb the positivity and avoid the negativity. Hearing her words of advice really confirmed what her Spa Educator, Jude Richter, described of Xio. He stated she is truly a day maker always going above and beyond not just for herself but for her classmates and even for him. When you walk into her treatment room she exudes kindness, respect and a nurturing spirit.

    Xio truly encompasses everything a student should be and for that she is our Esthiology Student of the Month! Congratulations Xio!!

    Alexandra McElhannon


    Dallas Aveda Beauty School Student of the Month


    A little over a year ago, Alex made a career change from being an Event Coordinator to start her education for her Cosmetology license. Alex never considered this as a career until she thought about her long term career goal. Her passion for the beauty industry started back when she was in college, she would style her friends’ hair and apply their makeup.

    When Alex started looking at different schools in the DFW area she heard of Aveda, but wasn’t really familiar with it. One of her friends recommended she check out Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute because it the best of the best. As soon as she walked in for her tour she knew instantly this was where she wanted to be and the education she wanted to receive.

    Now that Alex is in Salon Concepts she is going to look into salons for an apprenticeship and one that will be flexible with her schedule. Alex has been working with a Bridal Stylist here in the DFW area and has worked on a couple of weddings so far. Ultimately, Alex would like to create her own Bridal Stylist Team.

    Educators at the Institute recognize Alex as Student of the Month because of her great attendance, her willingness to help others in need and her hard work ethic. A few educators have shared how she always goes above and beyond and comes to school every day ready to learn and with a positive attitude. When Alex was asked what motivates her each day, she said she knows that in order for her to get hired, she has to maintain that professionalism. There are days that are hard, but at the end of the day you have to grow up and just do it. Most importantly-seeing herself being her own boss one day is what keeps her motivated!

    Alex’s grandmother is her biggest role model and she learned a lot from watching her business ethics. One thing her grandmother taught her is that negativity is contagious and positivity is also contagious. Alex choses to focus on the positive things…look at everything with a positive outlook and you never know, it might just help someone else next to you.

    Alex’s one piece of advice for her fellow classmates and to prospective students is: “Do what makes you happy…do it for you…life is too short!”

    Congratulations Alex…you are our Cosmetology Student of the Month!!

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