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    First Look: Aveda Birmingham’s Masters Photoshoot

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Birmingham’s cosmetology students showcased their passion and talent in their Masters Photoshoot. Check out the final shots below!

    Aveda Student: Chasidy Capps

    Inspiration: Grunge/Urban

    Model: Janey Powell

    Aveda Birmingham Photoshoot chasidy capps (2) chasidy capps (6)

    Aveda Student: Shaylee Timms

    Inspiration: Pirate

    Model: Christian Reid & Karey Johnson

    Shaylee (5) Shaylee (6) Shaylee (7)

    Aveda Student: Chelsea Lutz

    Inspiration: Where the wild things are.

    Model: Lexi Bennett

    Instagram: @lutztalkhair

    chelsea (1) chelsea (2) chelsea (6)

    Aveda Student: Kat Green

    Inspiration: Color pop & fun

    Model: Layla

    kat g (1) kat g (2) kat g (10)

    Aveda Student: Aubrey Wood

    Inspiration: Woodland Fairy

    Model: Maggie Nemish

    aubrey w (4) aubrey w (5) aubrey w (9)

    Aveda Student: Meghan Perkins

    Inspiration: Editorial Styling

    Model: Breanna Johnson

    meaghan p (4) meaghan p (5) meaghan p (9)

    Aveda Student: Morgan Cavender

    Inspiration: Ventrilaquist

    Model: Bethany Farley

    Instagram: @color_by_cavender

    meagan cavender (1) meagan cavender (2) meagan cavender (4)

    Aveda Student: Tabitha

    Inspiration: Hippie

    Model: Kinsey

    tabitha (1) tabitha (2) tabitha (3)

    Do you have a passion for beauty? Click here to learn more about how you can enroll to become an Aveda Student. Classes start soon!

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