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    First Look: Aveda Institutes South Entries for 2017 NAHA


    Aveda Students and Educators


    We’re so excited to share the 2017 NAHA entries submitted by Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes South students and educators.

    Each collection represents the stylist’s individual talent and creative style. Participants also had the opportunity to work with Makeup Artist, John Guanlao who did the makeup on their models.

    The images were captured by Photographer, Wes Kroninger.

    Check out the entries below.

    Jackie Stroud

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Austin

    Category: Student Hairstylist

    NAHA Entry NAHA 2017 Entry Aveda Student NAHA entry

    Krissy Fabre

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Covington

    Category: Student Hairstylist

    NAHA Student Entry From Aveda Covington Covington NAHA Entry Image of NAHA Student Entry

    Hannah Power

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Birmingham

    Category: Student Hairstylist

    Birmingham NAHA Student Entry NAHA 2017 Aveda NAHA Student Entry

    Crystalle Bevelo

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Tampa Bay

    Category: Student Hairstylist

    Tampa Bay NAHA Entry NAHA Aveda Student Entry Tampa Bay Aveda Student NAHA 2017

    Amy Wilson

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Nashville

    Category: Newcomer Stylist

    naha-newcomer-stylist2 Nashville NAHA Submission Nashville NAHA Entry

    Kayla Ruffino

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Dallas

    Category: Newcomer Stylist

    Aveda Educator Entry Dallas NAHA Educator Entry Dallas NAHA Entry from Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute


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