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    How To Do 5 Easy Summer Hair Styles

    Summer can be harsh on your hair!  Luckily AVEDA can protect your hair with our array of Sun Care products!

    For best results come in to your nearest Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute location and let one of our advisers pick out the product that will best fit your needs.

    Now that your hair is being protected – lets talk summer styles!

    #1 Looped Ponytail

    This is a super quick and easy “done” yet “undone” look. It’s cute with no fuss and leaves your neck and shoulders open to the air making it a bit more comfortable in this hot summer sun.

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Tampa Bay Stylist: Amber Waggener | Model: Hallie Dedrick

    Summer Hair Style Looped Ponytail

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Tampa Bay Stylist: Amber Waggener | Model: Hallie Dedrick

    #2 Wrap N Roll

    Couldn’t be any easier.  Find a cute hair wrap or scarf, then knot it towards the front of your head.  Throw your hair up in a messy bun – and you’re done!

    Photographer: Original pin by Linqia from

    #3 A Quick Fishtail Braid

    This is a simple braid to do, but looks like you spent hours on it. Let’s your neck breath in the hot sun, but still gives you style.

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Tampa Bay Stylist: Brittany Bure | Photographer: Brittany Bure

    Fishtail Braid

    #4  Voluminous Pony

    Elegant. Chic. Great for a night out when you still want to look your best, but also want to avoid the humidity of Summer nights.

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Tampa Bay Stylist: Devona| Photographer: Devona

    Voluminous Pony

    #5  Simple Ponytail With Style

    This is just a very simple ponytail, but with an added pop of style.  The top and front of the hair looks like your average sleeked back pony, but the back has an elegant braid knot dressed up with some summer flowers.  Give it a little curl and your ready to go out in style no matter hot hot the Summer day might get.

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Tampa Bay Stylist: Amanda Coppola with Elizabeth Johnson| Photographer: Amanda Coppola  Model: Brittany Bure

    Simple Ponytail with elegant braind knot

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