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    Aveda Dallas March Student Spotlight

    Join us in celebrating Sholandra and Raquel as our March Students of the Month!


    Cosmetology Student

    Image of Aveda Dallas Student

    “My interest in Cosmetology stems from having a Mother being in the field. She is a licensed Barber, Cosmetologist, and Instructor. The professionalism and relationship that she’s shown to her business and clients have definitely played a role in my passion for becoming a Cosmetologist/Business owner. This interest has grown into a passion over time. Becoming a Licensed Cosmetologist will allow me to help others feel confident and look their best.

    My goal is to become a licensed Cosmetologist, obtain a business degree, work in a licensed facility and open my own business. The Cosmetology Instructors will help advance my career and give me an opportunity to teach other potential stylists to become licensed. Having such an impact on how others feel about themselves as well as securing a future for myself is more than I could dream of.

          The commitment Aveda has made to caring for the Earth is something that sparks my attention. I’ve been honored to have the opportunity to receive my educational training at Aveda. I am eco-friendly, and love working with Aveda products because they’re pure and harmless to the people and environment. I love how Aveda works with small emerging indigenous communities to grow and harvest high-quality ingredients, this shows that the institute gives back to people around the world and not just their students. I found that Aveda’s mission statement involved slowing down global warming. Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes are known for their hands-on teaching settings, which I value in a school because I’ve learned that I thrive well in an environment where I’m shown and given an opportunity to try to demonstrate things on my own. I’m excited to have the opportunity to attend such a highly mentioned school with many positive benefits.”


    Esthiology Student

    Image of Aveda Dallas Student

    “I have always felt that if I could educate one person a day on skincare, beauty regimens, or fashion, I have fulfilled my purpose in life. After visiting multiple schools, Aveda “wowed” me with the presentation, awareness of environmental injustice, and their willingness to work with my busy schedule. Since attending here I have been introduced to different ways of furthering my education to include medical aesthetics and laser. I chose to shift my career path to esthetics so that I am able to enjoy my job and maintain my lifestyle and I ultimately want to open my own Medi-Spa.

    My husband has been a huge supporter and motivator. He allows me to focus on the great things that are coming my way. I have learned when something is given to you, you have to have self-motivation, perseverance, and a daily reminder of what is important. This helps me move closer to my goals while maintaining my character.”


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