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    Dallas Alumni Spotlight

    Jeanne Leblanc graduated from Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Dallas. Her creative mind-set and passion for cosmetology has led her to a job at a salon in the Design District in Dallas, where she is able to continue her education and explore the opportunities in the beauty industry. Read about her journey below.

    dallas cosmetology student

    What does having an AVEDA education mean to you?
    “Having an Aveda education it means that I had teachers and staff go above and beyond to make sure I was successful and learn more than what was required. It means I will always have a team that has my back no matter how much time has passed.”

    What was your favorite experience during your beauty school education?
    “I love all the extra fashion shows and projects we are blessed to be a part of. It really pushes your creativity to a point where you start thinking of things from your wildest imagination. This is when the passion comes flowing into so many people.”

    Where are you currently working?
    “I’m currently an assistant at Scene. A salon in the Design District.”

    What does your job entail?
    “So my job is to help out the stylist, shampoo, blow-dry, and anything else they need. And doing this I’ve learned a new color lines and some tips and tricks that others have learned over the years.”

    How did you get to this point?
    “I actually got this job because of Aveda. They have always told us they would help us with job placement. It just so happened they help me get a job just a few short hours after passing my test.”

    What is your ultimate career goal, and how do you plan on achieving it?
    “Ultimate career goal? I don’t have just one major career goal. I’m currently continuing my education at blade craft Barber Academy. I’m also learning extensions, Brazilian Blowouts, and anything else I can get my hands on. Eventually I would love to teach, own my own Salon, maybe even work on a movie set. It’s hard to have just one career goal when the possibilities in this field are endless!”

    Do you have any advice for current AVEDA students or recent graduates?
    “Advice for Aveda students; don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. If there’s an opportunity to be apart of something do it. Don’t be negative. There’s already so much stress that comes with beauty school be the person to lift people up! No school is perfect! Aveda was not a perfect school because a perfect school does not exist. So don’t let the little things get you down and discourage you. With that being said you get what you put into it pick your teachers brains ask them as many questions as you can because they are there for you! Last thing I have to say is do not be late! Be early as much as possible and make up your days before it’s too late.”

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