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    Dallas February Student Spotlight

    Join us in celebrating Spencer and Alexsa as our February Students of the Month!

    Spencer Pursell

    Cosmetology Student of the Month

    Image of Dallas Student

    “My journey to Aveda felt more like serendipity. Makeup found me when I was fourteen and I started doing makeup on my friend’s mother who had breast cancer. Seeing how her smile got bigger and bigger as I applied each stroke of my makeup brush, I knew makeup was the path in life I wanted to choose.

    After being in the cosmetic industry as a National Makeup Artist for 6 years. I felt I was no longer growing as an artist, for I had mastered all aspects when it came to Makeup Artistry. That’s when I truly reflected on what I wanted my life to be and all I wanted to do was to finally be able to brand myself and have the credentials behind it. I also found this to be an opportunity to continue my development to become a better artist, being able to create the entire image for each person I get to touch. From helping them with the perfect hue; a color they never dared to try, a cut to bring out their already beautiful features, to the lipstick that makes them feel like the most powerful women in the room.

    The beauty industry I will never leave for the art I get to practice each day is impacting somebody’s life. I want to be the reason someone looks in the mirror and the reflection staring back makes them smile because when I look in the mirror I am able to smile knowing that even if I’m not having the best day I can smile knowing my clients feel beautiful.

    The opportunity for knowledge is what brings me to school every day, I feel as if I miss a single day there is so much to be lost. Also, the chance to make someone’s day is not something I want to miss.

    The biggest obstacle that I have run into at school is self-doubt, I strive to be the best I can be in everything I do. It can be frustrating not grasping something right away, but with practice and confidence I have overcome this obstacle and now there is no limit to my growth in the cosmetic industry.

    My biggest role model is a question I get asked quite a bit. My answer isn’t the norm. What I believe in is being the best version of yourself. If you struggling remember the greatness to come from the experiences you face every day. Good or bad they all get you to where you are destined to be. The best lesson I have learned is to “just keep swimming” if you don’t try you will never succeed.”

    Alexsa Bartlett

    Esthiology Student of the Month

    Esthiology Student

    “My entire life I have had a deep interest and love for makeup and skin care. Having struggled with acne for many years myself, I loved the idea of helping others understand their skin and the issues they may have with it. There is nothing more important than loving yourself and being comfortable with the skin you’re in, and that is why I wanted to become an Esthetician, so I can help people achieve that.

    I chose to come to Aveda because I knew the reputation it had as a company, and also because I’ve used and loved their products for many years. When I first started at Aveda, I had the idea that I wanted to pursue a career in makeup. That has changed dramatically, and now after months of working with skin, I want to become a medical aesthetician and open my own Medspa sometime in the near future.

    One piece of advice I’d give to my fellow classmates would be to make sure you come to school every day and make sure you come with an open mind that’s ready to learn. Getting up early and coming on days you really don’t feel like it is half the battle, but once you’re here, the new things you learn every day and getting that feeling that you’re that much closer to reaching your goals makes it all worth it.

    A life lesson that I’ve learned is to just take the risk, even if you feel like you might fail. Don’t be afraid to fail because that’s how you learn. I am honored to have been chosen for student of the month and I look forward to continuing my education in these last two months here at Aveda.”

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