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Hiring Livestream Hosts w/ Beauty/Wellness Expertise

Jessica Coene |

Shopshops is a livestreaming shopping platform, designed to connect retailers to their existing and potential customers and showcase their merchandise. An integral part of the Shopshops family, the Shopshops Host drives viewership, engagement and sales by explaining the the features, benefits and exclusivity of merchandise on the Shopshops platform. While Shopshops is just entering the US market, due to our established business in China, we have many existing vendor partners. Hosts will be partnered with existing Shopshops vendors to livestream, and are also encouraged to find and introduce new vendors to the Shopshops platform that they believe their viewers will love as much as the host does!

A Shopshops Host Must Have:
– The Ability to Talk…to Anyone! Your friends, your followers, your family, a stranger on the street…even yourself! As a Shopshops Host, you will keep the conversation going during your events. You must be able to make conversation and engage with people you can’t see or hear, simply by encouraging them to comment!
– A Personality that Comes to Life on Camera. You love the camera, and we love you on it! The Shopshops Host should bring their audience back time and time again to see what’s in store!
– Passion…for Something that Sells! The Shopshops Host is the ultimate salesperson. You bring a product to life in your streams, and create desire and a sense of urgency for your viewers! Tell us what your passion is and we’ll try to partner you with the right vendor, and you can introduce us to your favorites!
– A Connection to Your Community. Are you like that scene in Beauty and the Beast when Belle is walking through the village? (Did we just age ourselves?) If you know everyone in the neighborhood, the local business owners (boutiques, shops, restaurants, etc), the parent who crafts, the artist who studios from home, then you have tons of content! Having connections you can feature on your lives will keep your livestreams interesting!
– An Ability to Curate Content Quickly. A vendor may supply the product, but you bring it to life. You need to be able to create desire for a product without a ton of specific product knowledge. Additionally, if you don’t have a vendor partner for a particular event, you’ll need to be able to curate the content on your own.
– Ability to Market Yourself! You’ll want to increase your viewership, so just as you would any other platform, business or social account, you’ll need to grow your following. Shopshops will give you the base – and we invest in our marketing as well – but as a host you’ll be responsible for growing your personal followers.

– Method to get to vendor events. (At Shopshops we shop…shops, being on location is a requirement)
– Commitment to a minimum of 2 livestreams each week.
– Strong communication skills. Things happen quickly in our world, so for us to stay on the same page, we have to communicate well with each other and vendors.
– Strong understanding of social media, and ideally a strong following on your accounts

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