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    Anthony Fantroy Scholarship 2022 Winners

    Investing in your education can elevate your career success and help you achieve your purpose. While attending Cosmetology school may be the dream, it can be challenging to turn it into reality.  

    At Aveda Arts and Sciences Institutes – we strive to create equal opportunities for anyone passionate about the beauty industry. 

    Our Anthony Fantroy Scholarship program has been developed to motivate and support college-aged students who may not otherwise have the resources to pursue post-secondary education.  

    Named after our Aveda Arts Dallas Educator – Anthony Fantroy was a huge part of our culture and the student experience for more than 9 years before he passed away in September 2019. This memorial scholarship program continues Anthony’s legacy forward to future generations of students. 

    What sets this program apart from more traditional scholarship opportunities is the emphasis on a student’s background as criteria for the final award determination. 

    The scholarship is dedicated specifically to serving the needs of students from economically disadvantaged families and backgrounds. 

    We recently had the opportunity to award scholarships to three applicants at our New York, Baton Rouge, and Birmingham Institutes. 

    “A full ride to Aveda Arts gives me the right set of circumstances to take my career into my own hands, shared winner, Shara Ali. “I have the autonomy to create the future I’d like to see for myself.” 

    Winning the scholarship allows our students to turn their dreams into reality and pursue a successful beauty career without financial stress. “When I style and braid my hair or the hair of my clients, it makes me feel motivated, confident, and good about myself,” said Michelle Brewer. “I’m looking forward to meeting my future Aveda Arts classmates and being a member of the Aveda family.” 

    Birmingham winner, Elsa Ocegueda, said that she wants to set an example that there are many true opportunities out there and not to lose motivation. “It means a lot to me and my family knowing that I will accomplish a lot at a young age.”

    It has been an honor to welcome these students and we can’t wait to see what they will create!   

    If you’re interested in learning more about our Cosmetology program – give us a call at 877-892-8332 to speak with admissions, or connect with us on Instagram at @avedaarts  

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