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February 23, 2022

Spring’s biggest hair trends are extra bold | Bustle

According to Tatum Neill, hairstylist, social director at Aveda, and creative director at Elevate Hair, “disheveled pixies” are going to be everywhere this spring and throughout the summer. “Pixies of all types are going to be huge,” he tells Bustle. “It’s time to really go for a change.” His advice? Try a fun color.

February 23, 2022

Edwin Neill and Aveda Arts featured in “Why are Black Americans being punished for their hair?” (Video) | BBC News

Many black Americans are embracing the natural curls and coils in their hair. But there’s been a backlash against black hairstyles in classrooms and companies across America.

Toddlers and teens have been kicked out of school because of their hair, while many adults face losing their jobs. We get to the root of why this kind of discrimination is so common – and legal – in the US and find out what it will take to stop it.