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    Why Aveda Institute Dallas is the Best Beauty School

    Read why these students chose Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute as the best beauty school for them.

    This group of students represents the passion and drive that all of our Aveda Students hold. This class is always positive, supportive, fun, involved and engaged. In addition, they also have outstanding technical and creative skills. They add so much spirit to the Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes of Dallas.


    “I knew AI Dallas was the right choice for me because I want to go into a high end salon. I plan to be successful and I know there is no other school that could offer me the luxury, high end professional education to help me achieve my dreams. Being here… I am gold!” -Sierra Stegall (Salon Concepts)

    “I like that the emphasis is on guest care. I have experienced horrible service and we treat people better here than professional salons I have been in.  I want to be a part of a luxurious experience, and I want to be a great professional with an amazing clientele that comes back because of how I take care of them.  AI Dallas was the right pick for me to become that professional.” -Alleah Austin (Salon Concepts)

    “AI Dallas is the best choice because we not only focus on professional techniques and being the best stylists, but we also focus on the details of guest service, caring for guests with moments of wellness providing luxury and personal care.  That combination will make me more then a cos grad, I am an AVEDA professional stylist!  I am also a legacy, I came to AI Dallas to be my sisters model. The minute I sat in her chair I knew I wanted to come here. I knew it didn’t get any better then this.” -Erin Shaw (Salon Concepts)

    beauty school students

    “AI Dallas is the best choice for me because it teaches how to become a luxury service professional by changing lifestyle, not just hairstyle. Being part of the Aveda Mission to change the world we live in describes the way I want to live my life.” -Blake Kirby (Salon Concepts)

    “AI Dallas is the best choice for me because I want to make people feel beautiful. Doing this in such a BEAUTIFUL environment inspires me and now I know I want to be in this type of environment when I graduate.  I also love the spirit and connection to nature with Aveda, naturally derived including our school…” -Allie Moore (Salon Concepts)

    “The schedule made a huge difference for me, with 4 kids and my schedule outside of school, a 3 day week was perfect.  The curriculum and the team is amazing.  I returned after an LOA and I am loving the new curriculum, I am soooo excited about this every day!  I couldn’t be any happier to be here.” -Lisa Chittenden (Salon Concepts)

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