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    Best Beauty School Practices: Twelve Points of Difference

    The AVEDA school’s “Twelve Points of Difference”–a set of best beauty school practices and etiquette– help you break the ice easily with a salon guest. A friendly smile, a warm welcome, and a refreshing cup of tea or water make the journey from reception to chair a smooth one. But how can you extend that sense of welcome throughout the service?

    One goal in making a guest feel welcome is to see them visibly relax. This is possible once a guest has confidence they are in the good hands of a cosmetology school professional. Projecting a calm, collected exterior and an air of confidence helps convey a sense of control to the guest.

    Also, focusing on the present with your undivided attention will also reassure the guest they can trust you to style their hair. Don’t let the hectic hair from the previous appointment or the dread of the next guest’s full foil affect the current situation. By dealing only with the task at hand, you will remain in control and not be easily overwhelmed. You will be able to remain professional and emotionally stable throughout the service, thus allowing the guest to relax and feel comfortable in letting you take control.

    Another goal in making a guest feel welcome is to convince them of your superb attention to your guest. Not only should you listen to the guest regarding their concerns and desires for their hair, but you should also be aware of their comfort and emotions throughout the service. Also, make sure all aspects of the service are about the guest. Are they agitated? Happy? Upset? If the service is taking longer than expected, check in with the guest to make sure they are comfortable, etc. If they want to talk, find subjects they can discuss with ease. If you find they are reluctant to engage in conversation, respect their desire for silence.

    At the end of the service, remind the guest of your attention to them by introducing products that will accommodate both their concerns and their lifestyle. Recommend the date of their next service and encourage them to pre-book in order to achieve the best results from their hair.

    Finally, say good-bye with as much warmth and enthusiasm as you did when greeting them. Remember to express your gratitude for their time. Nothing will extend the sense of welcome like acknowledging their time is valuable and thanking them for choosing to spend it with you. It’s easy to make a guest feel welcome by combining both AVEDA’s “Twelve Points of Difference” in addition to an added focus and dedication in ensuring the cosmetology service is entirely guest oriented. As long as you maintain your focus on the comfort and complete satisfaction of the guest, your guest will feel welcome throughout the service.

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