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    Dedicated to Education, Even During a Quarantine

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes fully transitioned their beauty education classes to remote learning due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Educators of each program; Cosmetology, Esthiology, & Massage, have taken the time to mold the learning style so students can learn from the comfort of their own homes. Since moving to virtual classrooms, nearly 92% of our students are continuing to (enthusiastically) engage in remote learning each day!

    It’s now easier than ever to start your journey to become a creative professional in the beauty industry. Our remote education classes are keeping students engaged with LIVE streaming sessions with industry professionals such as Janell Geason, Alberto Rossell-Davis, Tristin Morrison, Antoinette Beenders, Tatum Neill, & Cass Pena. Spring is here and new class enrollment dates are getting close! We are now scheduling virtual tours with our Admission Managers for our April class start!

    Quotes from our Educators and Students on virtual learning:

    “From the time we began remote training, I have been collaborating with the students in my class to organize lessons that cater to what they want to learn and refining our class schedule to accommodate their needs individually and as a group.

    As the effects of COVID-19 have steadily been causing all of us to make major lifestyle changes and limited our social freedom, physical and emotional wellness, stress management and social interaction have become major priorities. Knowing that I have made a point to implement activities and interactions into our daily routine that encourage self-care, help to alleviate stress, and encourage creativity and positivity.

    I did a 30-minute yoga session with my class in conjunction with a lesson in ergonomics, and the students enjoyed it so much that they wanted to incorporate it into our daily routine. Now, we begin every day with 20-30 minutes of yoga!

    Following that up, we do a self-care workshop. So far, this has included doing makeup, styling hair, skincare, and journaling. My students have had so many positive and affirming things to say about these workshops, including that it makes them feel less worried and stressed, it makes them feel good about themselves, they feel calmer and centered, and they feel encouraged to maintain healthy practices of self-care outside of class!

    One other thing I make a point to implement amidst our lessons and practices during our day is laughter and “social stoking”. Social stoking being an open-ended question tomthe group that ignites conversation and supplements the lack of social interaction we’re experiencing during this time.

    The students in my class have fun, they’re enjoying getting to know their classmates, and they are still learning new things every day. Success!”
    Cindy Michaud – Educator in Nashville

    “Loved it!! Thank you, Emma! This is such a blessing to continue school!!”
    Lauren Durham – Cos Student (Corpus Christi)

    “Although we have faced some challenges in getting to where we are, it’s exciting to be an educator at this time. We’ve truly entered the age of technology, and it’s been amazing to work for a company that hasn’t missed a beat!”
    Deanna – Esthi Educator Corpus Christi

    “Technology can be an educator and a game-changer for everyone working at home. Today is a great day to learn something new!”
    Wendy Rodriguez – Cos Educator Corpus Christi

    “Crisis doesn’t create character, it reveals it. This crisis has revealed what Aveda Arts and Sciences is capable of. Capable to come together to push through and make what we thought was impossible, possible. We’ve been able to still provide our students with the best education and not preventing them from graduating on time. All the while still allowing most of our team to maintain employment. There is no other company I would want to work for in such a difficult time!”
    Jenn Montelongo – Director of San Antonio

    “Terri has made this unfortunate circumstance (due to COVID-19) and the transition that has come with it, easy for us, and somehow has managed to band us together when it would be easy to fall apart. I think it goes without saying that we are so thankful to all of you still at school working so hard and giving us the ability to keep gaining hours.”
    Student about Educator Terri Price- San Antonio

    “It is moments like this where I am heavily reminded of how quickly times can change. I have to say we had a plan and executed together as a team. Our students are our number one priority, making sure that they can continue their education in the best way possible. Even though change is fearful, “A LEARNING CURVE IS ESSENTIAL TO GROWTH.”
    Silvia – Fundamentals Cosmo Educator San Antonio

    “At times like this, we start to take the time to appreciate what we have. I am very grateful that I am still able to teach and that my students are able to continue their education. I am also grateful for my Aveda family, we have come together to help one another out and I love that we keep the laughter going as much as possible.”

    Allie – Esthi Educator San Antonio

    “It’s great that we are able to continue to support our students on this Journey despite what is going on. It also helps parents out that also have children at home.”
    LisaRae Gonzales – Educator Coach San Antonio


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