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Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Covington

Quaint but bustling with activity, this charming gem is nestled between three rivers near Louisiana’s Riviera coastline. Steeped in old fashioned charm, Covington has an artsy flair that has made it a popular destination for shoppers and diners who love the nostalgic feel that comes from its downtown district filled with boutiques, art galleries, cottages, and downhome restaurants. Smack dab in the middle of the action is the Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Covington, a youthful blast to the city’s historic past. Students searching for one of the best beauty schools in Louisiana — using only naturally-derived products with certified organic ingredients — will no doubt find everything they’re looking for at this stunning example of an AVEDA school. The state-of-the-art green facility, the stylish atmosphere, and its individualized curriculum that creates a unique career path for every student, makes the Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Covington a clear standout among the options for a beauty school education. Students in the Cosmetology program are taught in a real world, fast-paced salon environment, where they can develop the advanced hair-cutting techniques that will launch their careers in the exciting fields of fashion and beauty. In addition to learning their craft, where supervised students train directly with guests in preparation for their careers, they also focus on personal wellness as a means to professional excellence.

So whether you’re looking for a cosmetology school in Covington, or want the luxury for less service you’ve come to expect from an AVEDA school, look no further than the Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Covington, where every cosmetology program enrollee now receives an iPad. To schedule a tour, come by in person, give us a call, shoot us a text, or access our full online application form here. A member of our admissions team will contact you to discuss the best beauty school option for you and your future career in beauty and fashion. To schedule an appointment for services, stop by, give us a call or book online here.

Programs Offered*:


Our cosmetology course incorporates theory with extensive hands on experience to provide you with a complete understanding of beauty and wellness. The program includes hair cutting, color, texture services, nail care, makeup application, business development, retail knowledge and the concept of gaining and retaining clients. Upon completion, students move on to intensive real-world training to hone their skills.

* All state testing and licensing fees are included in your tuition.



Covington’s May Student Spotlight

We have nominated Kayln Vallot for our May 2017 student of the month! Kayln has a passion for learning, is consistently professional, and always has a positive attitude. Her upbeat, kind spirit and big heart is infections. Her guests, classmates, and educators are drawn to her good energy, plus she can do some amazing hair. […]

Covington’s April Student Spotlight

We’ve nominated Kristen Nelson for our April 2017 student of the month! Kristen is a student that is consistently a Day Maker.  She goes above and beyond to give her guests the best experience while at Aveda. She always volunteers her time for events held at the Institute and outside of school.  She was a […]

Covington February Student Spotlight

We’ve nominated Jacob “Jayk” Adams for our February student of the month! Jayk has always maintained a high percentage in attendance even when the floods happened in August and he lost everything he had.  When a student was hysterical because she dropped her ring in the parking lot, Jayk walked in and had found the […]

Covington’s January Student Spotlight

Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Covington is excited to celebrate MaryAnn Bruno as our January Student of the Month! MaryAnn is kindhearted, gracious, compassionate, and thoughtful. She gives effortlessly from her heart and is always willing to help a fellow student in need. MaryAnn chose Aveda because she had been getting her hair and nails […]

Aveda Covington’s December Student Spotlight

Join us in celebrating Baylynn Johnston as our December Student of the Month! Baylynn is always willing to help her educators and fellow classmates, and has a great attitude! Not only does Baylynn do well with her studies, she also maintains a 102% in attendance. She was a model for her aunt who attended the […]

Aveda Covington November Student Spotlight

Join us as we celebrate our November Student of the Month, Najadanika “Naja” Simmons! Naja was chosen for many reasons, but the main one is she’s an amazing person inside and out!  Naja has consistently maintained a 100% or above in attendance throughout her schooling.  She studies hard, works hard, and always has a smile […]

Covington October Student Spotlight

Join us in celebrating Bonnie Brown as our October Student of the Month! Bonnie demonstrates time and time again the spirit of the school by going above and beyond to help others.  While maintaining 103% attendance, she always volunteers for signature projects and even assists her classmates by helping find models.  Bonnie empowers other students […]

Covington September Student Spotlight

We are excited to recognize Alicia Garafola as Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Covington’s September Student of the Month! Alicia not only has a 101% attendance average, but also goes above and beyond with her guests and in her education. Alicia arrives at school with a smile on her face and ready to tackle the […]

Covington’s August Student Spotlight

Congratulations to Tiffany Werner for being Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Covington’s Student of the Month for August! Tiffany was chosen because she is always willing to help any team member in any capacity they need.  She is always striving to grow her books and build relationships by taking walk-in guests. Her educators speak highly […]

Covington’s July Beauty Student Spotlight

Congratulations to Hannah Jones for being Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Covington’s July Student of the Month.  Hannah has been chosen because she is always willing to go above and beyond for her guests, fellow students, and the school. Hannah did extensive research on cosmetology schools before falling in love with Aveda.  She said that […]

Covington June Student Spotlight

Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Covington is excited to recognize Desiree Washam as our June Student of the Month! Desiree comes in everyday with a positive attitude and eager to learn. As one of the educator’s put it, “she has never missed a day of school, she is willing to take on *anything,* she is […]

Covington’s Student of the Month – April 2016

Congratulations to Zach Bulot for being Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Covington’s April Student of the Month! Zach has been a student that has gone above and beyond through his schooling here at the Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute. He has always been a team player, always there to help. His specialty is in waxing […]

Covington’s Student of the Month – March 2016

Congratulations to Masters Student, Abby Ledoux for being Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Covington‘s March Student of the Month! Abby has worked hard to build quite the clientele. Not only has Abby’s guest count grown, but so have her benchmarks, due to her impeccable customer service. Abby is best known for her contagious smile and […]

Aveda Institute Covington’s February Student of the Month

Congratulations to Christina Cassels for being Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Covington’s February Student of the Month! Christina is a Masters Student who has shown tremendous growth over the past few months. Her biggest joy is being a mother and her strength is in service education. She is hard working and determined to lead a […]

Students Start Their Cosmetology Experience

While beginning beauty school can be nerve-racking, it is also an exciting time in one’s life with the prospect of starting a new journey. At Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes South, we offer students the opportunity to excel in a creative and fast paced industry. Read these student’s early experiences at Aveda Arts & Sciences […]

How to be a Successful Aveda Cosmetology Student

Blog post by AI South Beauty School student: Ilyssa Glover Make the most of your time in Beauty School Many people that I have personally come in contact with think that Beauty School is a walk in the park. Little do they know, being a successful student requires long hours, determination, hard work, dedication, and […]

10 Bad Things For Healthy Hair

1. Sun Exposure UVA and UVB rays from sun exposure can damage the outside cover of the hair strand, called the cuticle. Sun damaged hair can result in faded hair color, split ends, thinning, frizziness, and dried out strands. With the hot months approaching, Aveda’s Sun Care line is the perfect way to ‘Summer Proof’ […]

The Future of Beauty School Education

“We can lay in bed and watch the videos!” “It’s a teacher to go!” “We are able to really take control of our education” – AI South students on what they thought about the integration of a digital curriculum At Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes, we encourage innovation, sustainability and empowered decision-making through our education […]