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What They Say About Us

“I really enjoy coming to school every day. I’ve never missed a day because I love it! I love the spirit inside, I love the educators that we have and also how we are more hands-on rather than just sitting in a classroom and studying. I toured this school and loved how professional everyone was. I knew right there the Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute was the school to go with. When I learned about the products and mission of caring for the world, that was a good find for me. I understood right there it was the perfect match for me.”

--Iryna, Student

“I definitely had a lot of doors open to me with the AVEDA name behind me. I was more prepared to go into the salon — I knew how salons worked, what they expected, how to be a good intern, average salary, how to do well in an interview, etc.”

--Tiffany Clinton, AVEDA Color Purefessional

“The extra education that they give us really sets you apart from any other school and definitely puts you at another level when you’re looking for a job. It really stands out on your resume. As a stylist, you’ll feel more confident in applying at those high end salons.”

--Aramis, Student

“When I chose AVEDA it was because of the mission, the dedication to the environment and beauty through technique and natural products. Everything I’ve put into this program was given back to me tenfold. When I started, I had no idea how to even blow dry hair. Now I’m an accomplished student with a set of skills for a bright career.”

--Hans, Student

“My favorite part about the Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute is the level of growth I have experienced. This process began from day one with the specialized, individual attention I received from my educators. This attention has continued and I feel very comfortable being able to express myself in ways I didn’t think possible. Now I’m very outgoing and have the confidence to perform all techniques I’ve learned. So far this career is a really great journey and I enjoy being challenged at the Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute, which has truly encouraged me to be the best “me” I can be.”

--Kaitlyn, Student

“Graduating from Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute is the best thing I’ve ever done. I studied and worked in a real-life salon environment and dealt one-on-one with my own clients. Best of all, I found a job immediately after graduation. I am so glad that I chose to be an AVEDA manicurist. It changed my life.”

--Stacy Simmons, AVEDA Manicurist

“I went to college and got my degree in engineering but it wasn’t my passion. I’ve always wanted to be a hairstylist. As a mature student coming in, the educators are extremely professional, they help make me feel connected with the other students who came in straight from high school.”

--Katherine D., Student

“I decided to become an educator because my experience in the institute and academy was really positive. It’s really rewarding to see the students learning and the concepts really clicking and I want to be the person helping them achieve that.”

--Jill C., Educator

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