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  • From Cosmetology Student to Salon Owner: Meet Grace Garcia

    Some dreams are etched into our hearts from the earliest moments of our lives. For Aveda Arts Covington Alum, Grace Garcia, her path was clear, “From a very young age, I knew I wanted to be a hairdresser.”    When the time came to choose a school, Aveda was the only option she considered. From her […]

    What You Didn’t Know About Cosmetology School!

    So maybe you’ve discovered a four-year university is not the path for you and your true passion is starting a career in the beauty industry! If you’re unsure how to start a conversation with your parents about your career goals, here are some things to consider:    University isn’t for everyone!  Although attending a four-year […]


    As the temperature rises and the days grow longer, summer becomes a season of endless possibilities and exciting new ventures. If you’ve always had a passion for the art of beauty and transforming lives through hairstyling, makeup, and skincare, there’s no better time than now to enroll at Aveda Arts! Here are three reasons why […]

    A Time To Celebrate: Mother’s Day!

    In honor of Mother’s Day, our Aveda Arts students had the incredible opportunity to pamper and treat our beautiful moms and mother figures, showing just how much they mean to us while sharing the skills they’re learning in school.   Watching their faces light up with joy and relaxation filled our hearts with love and […]


    May is Mental Health Awareness Month – and at Aveda Arts, we recognize the critical role mental health plays in nurturing students for the helping professions.  Because we believe in prioritizing mental health, all of our Aveda Arts students and staff have access to the platform, YOU at Aveda Arts.  YOU is a confidential platform […]


    In April, Earth Month was celebrated, and it was the perfect time to reflect on how we could be more sustainable and environmentally conscious in our daily lives. Aveda Arts students and staff members organized a series of events and initiatives to inspire others to take action and protect our planet. Aveda Arts San Antonio […]

    Fashion Meets Sustainability: Catwalk For Water Winners 2023

    The annual Catwalk for Water fashion show, hosted by Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes, offers aspiring students a platform to showcase their skills in sustainable fashion design. It’s an exciting opportunity for participants to compete for a full-paid Cosmetology scholarship while raising awareness about environmental sustainability.  The participants of this initiative put their creativity and […]


    Since 2013, The Beauty Changes Lives Foundation has awarded over $3.1 million and over 800 scholarships to students and licensed professionals in cosmetology, barbering, nail, makeup, massage and esthetics.    Aveda Arts Birmingham student, Kiara Hargress began her journey in cosmetology school in November 2022. She was inspired and motivated to pursue her education and become […]

    Support Your Local Planet!

    In celebration of Earth Month, people worldwide come together to protect the environment, and Aveda, whose mission has always been to care for the planet, is joining in. As part of our commitment to the planet, we are sharing some of the ways in which we give back. Aveda has been using naturally derived ingredients […]

    ALUMNI SPOTLIGHT: Isdis Marquez

    The spotlight is on Isdis Marquez, an individual who discovered her passion for makeup, hair, and beauty-related things at a young age. At 15, after her quinceañera, she was allowed to wear makeup, which sparked her excitement to start practicing on friends and family. “I remember being super excited for my first makeup purchase,” she […]

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