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    Atlanta’s June Student Spotlight

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Atlanta

    June Student of the Month:  Simone “Chica” Prevost

    Aveda Cosmetology Student
    Why Chica Chose Aveda: Chica knew when she came for her Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Campus tour that Aveda was the school for her.  Aveda’s commitment to natural products and mission to give back to care for the environment spoke to her and she wanted to be part of the Aveda culture.

    Why Chica was Chosen:  Chica is one of Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Atlanta’s top performing students.  She is always working with high energy and a smile on her face.  Her fun nature is contagious which makes her a joy to work with and to be around on a daily basis.  Chica will graduate on June 17, 2017 and we are so proud of her.  She will do great things for Aveda.

    Education:  Dorsey Senior High in Los Angeles California

    More About Chica:  Chica loves laughing, having fun, meeting new people, and being with her classmates and children.  She has four children ages 21, 20, 11, and 8 years old.  She is very excited about graduating this month and is eager to “put herself out there” and be able to say she is actually licensed.  She was born in Los Angeles, California and also lived in New Orleans prior to moving to Atlanta.

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