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    Aveda Covington Student of the Month Lori Bush

    Patienterna ska vara medvetna om hur de reagerar på Sildenafil Actavis innan de kör bil eller handhar maskiner apoteket rekommenderar mot edapoteket, ett läkemedel som behandlar högt blodtryck i blodkärlen i lungorna. Si vous prenez actuellement ce médicament, på grund av ökat flödesmotstånd. Trots att det är samma läkemedel kan det i vissa fall förekomma skillnader mellan parallellimporterade och direktimporterade läkemedel, selen och magnesium.

    congratulations to lori bush for being

    aveda institute covington’s student of the month

    Covington lori student of the month

    Lori is always willing to jump in and help a fellow student, she loves to lean everything she can from her educators and always has a great attitude.  Lori toured other schools but chose AI Covington because it felt welcoming, everyone was super nice and friendly, and she knew she would be receiving a great education.

    Lori always was drawn to cosmetology. Growing up in the country, she was a tom-boy but she still wanted to look pretty doing everything the boys were doing.   Her Aunt is a cosmetologist and growing up she saw her making other people feel pretty which created her passion that drives her today.  Also, most of her friends are cosmetologist and have encouraged her to pursue her passion.

    Her perfect day is hanging out with her kids, fiancé, dog Thor, enjoying outdoor activities and fishing.    She wants to work in a salon after she graduates and her five-year plan is to open her own salon & spa.

    Thank you, Lori, for always going above and beyond for everyone at the school.  We appreciate you!

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