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    Aveda Fashion Week Faves

    “Our mission, at Aveda is to care for the world we live in…”

    Each year, Aveda supports earth month through donations, fundraising, and practices that raise awareness. As an example, plastic bottles were not allowed backstage during this year’s Aveda Fashion Week to raise awareness for clean water.

    How Aveda Products Help Protect Clean Water

    When guests purchase Aveda products, they can help Aveda support clean water efforts locally and globally.

    Products We Love

    Here are some of Aveda’s Global Artistic Team’s favorite styling products from Aveda Fashion Week

    Antoinette Beenders

    aveda global artistic director

    hair spray Dry Shampoo

    Antoinette Beenders loves Shampure Dry Shampoo and Control Force Hair Spray for styling and versatility.

    Tippi Shorter

    Beauty ImageStyling Hair Product
    Tippi Shorter loves Phomollient Styling Foam for weightless body and volume.


    Allen Ruiz

    Image of Allen Ruiz More Volumous Hair
    Allen Ruiz loves Volumizing Tonic for lifting at the roots.

    Bea Watson

    Beauty image of Bea Watson
    Thickening Tonic
    Bea Watson loves Thickening Tonic for instantly thicker hair.


    Looks from Fashion Week

    Allen Ruiz: The In and Out

    Allen Ruiz

    “I designed an ‘in and out’ faux mini bob to keep hair sleek and cool, while its wearer navigates through the lawless elements of nature— all with a sense of determination and attitude,” said Allen Ruiz, Aveda Global Artistic Director, Hair Styling. “This full style easily tucks inside and outside a collared coat.”


    hair how to

    Steps to the Look

    Step 1: To keep style smooth and static-free all day, prep hair with Smooth Infusion™ Nourishing Styling Creme and blow dry hair straight.

    Step 2: Begin to flat-iron sections of hair and create a small, hidden braid from ear to ear at the back of head as an anchor for the style.

    Step 3: Pull hair into a low ponytail and secure an elastic around the style 2 inches below the nape of the neck.

    Step 4: With hair secured back, take the elastic base and move up to where the hidden braid rests and pin the elastic to the braid to place final faux bob style.

    Step 5: Set the look with Control Force™ Firm Hold Hair Spray.

    Tutorial credited to Living Aveda Blog

    Antoinette Beenders: The Zen Pony

    antoinette beenders creates the zen pony

    “Full, thick hair is lightly cinched into the fluent Zen pony,” Beenders said. “It’s modern and strong, but it has soft, feminine details including shine, texture, and pony placement. It helps to tell the whole story of Charles’ beautiful collection.”


    Antoinette Beenders Hairstyle

    Steps to the Look

    Step 1: Prep your hair with Thickening Tonic and blow dry to a smooth and voluminous base.

    Step 2: Take a generous amount of Dry Remedy™ Daily Moisturizing Oil into the palms of your hands and apply throughout the hair to add texture and shine.

    Step 3: Once desired texture and shine is achieved, flip head your over to loosely gather hair toward the back of your head.

    Step 4: With hair gathered in your hands, use an elastic to secure the ponytail three inches from the base of the head. Flip head back letting the ponytail fall naturally.

    Step 5: Take a 1/2″ section of your hair near the elastic and wrap it around the ponytail base to hide the elastic. Secure with a pin.

    Step 6: Finish with a light misting of Control Force™ Firm Hold Hair Spray.

    Tutorial Credited to Living Aveda Blog


    Find an Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute near you and head to their retail store to purchase any of these AVEDA products.

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