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    Dads Deserve Pampering Too!

    Beauty School Blog:

    Just because he’s Dad does not mean that he does not deserve, need, and/or secretly desire to be pampered! So instead of going for that handy dandy power tool to add to the collection that he hardly touches in the garage– why not relieve some stress and make him feel amazing for all of the hard work he does?

    With the 60/60 deal that AVEDA is providing you could get Dad some at home hair and body care products (because men need to look and smell good too) and give him a FREE 60 minute massage. He’ll think he’s being incredibly spoiled, and the truth is you got a deal! (If you really wanted to, you could even buy yourself the products and pass the massage off as a loving gift).

    While you’re at it, why not purchase a nice haircut/shampoo style for him once he’s done with his body massage. And if you really want a steal you can purchase $100 in gift cards, receive a free $25 gift card, use the $100 gift card for the $60 worth of products and the $12.00 hair cut, and then put the remaining $53 toward a service or products for yourself! What a steal?! That’s almost $200.00 worth of products and services for only $100. RIDICULOUS!

    So, get on the AVEDA train and show Dad that you care!
    Cosmetology Blog Post By: Shana Heagwood

    Father’s Day is a very important day to remember and also to cherish. Spending quality time with that special man in my life and to show him how much he meant to me and to show my appreciation. I lost my father at an early age, and I didn’t get to tell him enough “I love you’s” or “I am lucky to have you as my father” too often. I think that one of the greatest things that a father could be able to receive would be a father and daughter spa day. They get the opportunity to bond and relax.

    As many of you know, that one of the strongest bonds that a woman could have, is a father’s bond.

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