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    Atlanta March Student Spotlight

    Join us in celebrating our March Student of the Month, Megan Wright!

    Image of Aveda Student

    Why Aveda?  Megan chose Aveda because of the strong reputation and the Institute stood out to her most from other schools. The ingredients of the products and the appreciation and love given to every single client are other reasons Megan chose Aveda.

    Why Chosen? Megan was chosen as our March Student of the Month because of her consistent positive attitude.  While attending Aveda, Megan has been determined to stay focused on her journey and find a way through any obstacles in her path.  Megan is talented with makeup and hair and will go far in the industry!

    Other:  Megan’s zodiac sign is cancer! She loves making others feel confident and beautiful about themselves.  Megan currently works at Sephora, as a petsitter, a babysitter, creating YouTube tutorials, and freelance makeup on the side of being a student so she stays very busy!

    In the future, Megan hopes to be an entrepreneur! She wants to own her own salon, with her lilttle sister, to become a celebrity hair/makeup stylist, to have a well-known YouTube channel, and maybe even own “featured” makeup products. Megan grew up on Lake Martin and graduated from Dadeville High School in Alabama.  Megan feels honored to be a student at Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Atlanta.  Her time so far has truly shown her that she has potential and opened so many doors for her.

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