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    Atlanta Students Chosen as Ambassadors for Milady

    Two of our Intro Students, Jasmine Nelson and Melanie Redmond, have been selected to participate in the national Student Ambassador program by Milady!

    atlaveda institute atlanta

    “The Beauty Operative Research Program was established to help us at Milady understand your life and the challenges and successes you encounter as you attend beauty and wellness classes. Our hope is that this research will help us to design products and services that are engaging and delightful to students.”

    During the program students work with a mentor/researcher from Milady to give feedback on their experiences in beauty school, which will help shape the future of Milady’s products.

    In addition to being great experience to add onto their resumes, these students can proudly say they were active in helping improve the Cosmetology education industry’s resources for many years to come! Congratulations Jasmine and Melanie!


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