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    Atlanta’s April Student Spotlight

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Atlanta
    Student of the Month: Jamella “Milky” Copeland

    Image of Aveda Student

    Why Jamella Chose Aveda: “I believe Aveda chose me. I came into a new space in life and Aveda fits everything that I was needing in order to practice healthy living including wellness and balancing my life.

    I want people to know that my heart is pure and I have many talents. I have been through so much, from not graduating high-school or getting my diploma until I was 23 years old, to gaining confidence in myself and in my work. It took me eight years to plant my feet in a career which I love wholeheartedly. I want every girl, boy, woman, and man to know that whatever the circumstance you will prevail and make it through. I used to be embarrassed that I did not finish school and I kept it hidden for a long time. Now I am living my dreams and getting all the things I deserve and I feel so blessed beyond measure. I am very thankful that Aveda chose me.”

    Why we chose Milky as our Student of the Month! Milky has maintained 100% attendance throughout her Intro and Foundations phases. She is always positive, has a great work ethic, and is always willing to take guests. Milky is exceptional in selling retail and with passing out cards and bringing in models. It is clear that Milky has a huge passion for what she does. Milky is the kind of student that any salon would wish to hire and she will be a success in all of her endeavors.

    Education: Redan Highschool, Stone Mountain, Georgia

    Other: Milky has aspirations to own her own business including products called “Milky Dope Creations.” She also plans to own her own salon called Milk Salon which she would like to be an Aveda Lifestyle salon. Milky also spends her extra time doing hair and makeup for those she meets who are less fortunate so that they feel more beautiful and confident.

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