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    Covington October Student Spotlight

    Join us in celebrating Bonnie Brown as our October Student of the Month!

    Image of Aveda Covington Student

    Bonnie demonstrates time and time again the spirit of the school by going above and beyond to help others.  While maintaining 103% attendance, she always volunteers for signature projects and even assists her classmates by helping find models.  Bonnie empowers other students by her actions and encourages them do the same by being kind to guests and fellow students.

    Bonnie has many reasons why she chose Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Covington.  She had the passion for styling hair at an early age.  She grew up with parents who were in the industry and hair dressers her whole life.  Her daughter is also a graduate of the Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Covington and has been working in her own salon for 5 years.  Bonnie is excited for the future because she plans on working with her daughter and doing what she loves.

    When she is not studying or practicing on her mannequin, she loves to unwind by gardening. But her true love is real-estate.  Her and her husband have dabbled in flipping houses which has ignited a creative passion for real-estate.

    We are proud to call Bonnie Brown our student of the month.  We are humbled by her spirit and look forward to what her future holds.

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