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    Aveda Dallas November Student Spotlight

    Join us in congratulating our November Student of the Month, Shelby Huff!

    Image of Dallas Student

    “After Serving the United States Army I wanted balance and change. I no longer wanted to be the toughest female who carried 150lbs. on her back and couldn’t smile. I wanted change, I wanted a new start at serving others.

    Two years ago I began listening to my surroundings and hearings others cry for help. Naturally I stopped being a fighter and focused on becoming a healer. My friends always told me I have a unique gift interacting with people and I should tour Aveda. During my tour I knew Aveda was the place to continue my journey while being surrounding by greatness.

    Since I started Aveda as an esthetician life has changed dramatically. I quit my job and chose to be in a financial bind, to focus on my journey. I know my moment is now and the time is today. Nothing will distract me to become who I’m destined to be.

    “If not me then who, if not now, then when.” That is what motivates me to wake up at 5:30 am to start a new day at Aveda. Every day I have the opportunity to change someone life with connection and energy. Every day as soon as you open your eyes say I’m grateful, on days you don’t FEEL like it, FEEL, and for those days you think you can’t tell yourself you can. Life Lesson to all, you’re not alone, and anything is possible with a team.”

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