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    Dallas February Students of the Month

    We would like to recognize two students as our February Students of the Month! Congratulations to Cosmetology student, Ruby Lopez and Esthiology student, Samantha Strohm!

    Ruby Lopez

    Student of the month

    Ruby has wanted to be in the Beauty Industry since High School. She has always loved helping people, loved seeing their faces light up with satisfaction after she does their hair. It just amazes her how something so little can help someone’s self-esteem.

    Aveda was the first and only school she looked into. She loved it since the moment she came in. Since she started school she has learned a lot, especially how to communicate with her guests. She is amazed at how she can know what a guest wants or would need based on visualizing what would complement them best. She admits she needs to work on her timing but she said she takes her time because she puts her all with every service to provide the ultimate experience.

    Ruby shared that her main motivators are her father, her educators, and her guests. They provide her words of encouragement that push her to excel. Her main advice to her classmates and to any new student is to remain positive. Don’t let anything get to you, you are here for you and your career.

    Samantha Strohm

    Image of beauty school student

    Samantha knew she always wanted to work with skin and makeup so it was a given to pursue the Esthiology program and she loved Aveda’s holistic approach. This new journey she really wanted to shine and make everyone proud of her.

    Samantha said in high school she wasn’t the “smart one” so coming to school here was a big deal. She had to grow up fast at a very young age and she learned to appreciate everything in life. She has set big goals for herself and with the support of her fiancée, grandparents, and educators she made it through school.

    Samantha said she is so glad she picked Aveda over any other school because here she feels like we lift each other up and the educators are always here for the students. That meant a lot to her personally because she didn’t have that growing up and it gave her that extra push to get through school.

    Samantha’s one advice to her fellow classmates and new students is to stay motivated and stay determined to graduate. She looked at this journey as if she was coming to work at a high end spa; her guests were her true guests, her classmates were her coworkers and her educators were her employers. She made sure she gave each guest an experience they deserved. That one connection could potentially mean a guest for life. So with each service she gave it her all because what she enjoys most is watching her guests feel good about themselves.

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