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    Dallas Student Spotlight

    Congratulations to Mackenzie Mcmahon for being our Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Dallas Student of the Month!

    Image of Dallas Student of the Month

    Mackenzie is a Masters student here at Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Dallas and she is by nature,  a Day Maker.  It is not in anything specific Mackenzie does, it is how she shows up; her energy, her smile, and positive attitude. She is respectful of her peers and her educators. In this passionate and high energy environment, she is one of those people you are always happy to see.

    Mackenzie’s  attitude and efforts have paid off because she has achieved outstanding performance bench marks, making her a great candidate for any of our local Aveda Salons in Dallas to come and recruit her!

    Mackenzie moved to Dallas after graduating from Croatan High School in New Port, North Carolina.  Coming from a small town, Dallas has been a big adjustment, but she loves it and plans to stay.

    She didn’t initially have a plan for any particular Cosmetology school but when she came to Aveda, she realized that our Mission aligns with her personal values and how she chooses to live her life. Mackenzie’s personal life habit is to be a positive person who spreads joy (and it shows!!). She dedicated herself to this experience, she focuses and stays on point.

    When Mackenzie started here, she knew that Aveda would be a more demanding program, offering her more than other schools and she embraces that. She disciplines herself to hunker down, focus, listen, and “roll with it” when times get tough.  She has had an incredible experience and  feels “LUCKY” to be here, to have had the influence of amazing educators, and an Aveda education!

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