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    Dallas’s Student of the Month – April 2016

    We are excited to congratulate Rebecca Hebert and Makaela DeLaura as Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Dallas’s April Students of the month! Get to know them better by reading below.

    Rebecca Hebert

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Dallas Student


    Our Esthiology Student of the Month is Rebecca Hebert!

    Rebecca’s passion started back in high school when all her friends told her she should pursue beauty school, she just never thought about doing it. Four years ago Rebecca moved to Dallas from Louisiana. She began to work with skin care at Neiman Marcus and developed a passion for it. She began to research the career and eventually crossed paths with her current employer. Rebecca got her eyebrows done with her now boss and was amazed and fascinated how you can transform someone’s face. This is what brought her to start her journey through Esthiology and change her position from sales in Neiman Marcus to an assistant at a high end salon in Dallas. Her position was her validation to be in this industry.

    Rebecca has been a great student to work with and her educators speak very highly of her. She is driven and gets the work done. She feels if something needs to be done, you have to get it done.

    Her advice to students starting their journey is to make sure this is what they want to do because it can be such a lucrative industry for anyone who is willing to get their hands dirty. Rebecca is a firm believer hard work pays off in the end!

    Makaela DeLaura

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Dallas Student

    Our Cosmetology Student of the Month is, Makaela DeLaura!

    Attending the Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute was a natural fit for Makaela to start her journey in the beauty industry because she had friends that attended Aveda, grew up getting her hair done at Aveda salons, and absolutely loves Aveda products.

    Makaela enjoys making people look good and feel beautiful. Seeing herself improve in her technique gives her motivation to continue to learn and move forward. Having guests rebook with her is also a confidence booster and gives her more reason to be in this industry.

    Makaela’s Mom and Dad are her main supporters. They have always supported her ever since she expressed pursuing this career. Makaela also thanks her success and growth to her educators. Dallan and Teddy have been her mentors. Jessica and Jeffery have also been great educators and she learned a lot from them. Since she has started she has learned a lot. She continues to learn to build on her technical skills, her confidence, and the business side of the industry. We are all very excited for Makaela and her class to move on to masters and get one step closer to starting their careers!!



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