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    October Dallas Student Spotlight

    We’re excited to recognize Cosmetology student, Leah Barno and Spa Therapy Student, Amanda Rodriguez  as our October Students of the Month!

    Learn about what inspires and motivates these amazing beauty school students by reading below.

    Leah Barno

    Aveda Dallas Student

    What got you started on this journey of beginning cosmetology school?

    “Doing hair has been a dream of mine since childhood. When I graduated high school my father did not agree with my dreams so I was discouraged by being told that I won’t make any money from a job like that. My mother told me that I should do anything my heart desires. In August of 2013 my mother passed away and I started to rethink my life. I wanted to fulfill my dream of being a cosmetologist.”

    What brought you to Aveda?

    “Some girlfriends of mine were attending Aveda and asked me to be their hair model and so I came in and loved the institute, the teachers were so kind, I fell in love with Aveda during my times being a guest. During my appointments I asked my friends what the cost of tuition was and they said they accept financial aid so I was excited that the possibility of me attending cosmetology was possible! The next week I called the institute, made an appointment and found my new home here with Aveda.”

    Since you’ve been in school, have any of your plans changed or been elaborated since you’ve been exposed to the industry?

    “Elaborated yes, I love doing color so much more now, I love pleasing every customer with what I am able to do with their hair and I am satisfied with just that. I love to cut but now I am deeply in love with color and how it all works. Especially enlightening hair and seeing dimension, doing full on color corrections. The before and after. I am now positive that this is the career for me.”

    What is the motivation that brings you to school every day?

    “I come to school every day because I know how important it is to graduate on time and to make sure I gain as much knowledge as possible while I am at school!”

    What is an obstacle that you might want to overcome while you’re attending school?

    “My drive from home every day! 2 hours are spent driving daily! I am a transfer from the Austin institute so before i transferred I would commute for 4 hours in the morning and 4 in the evening just to make sure I arrived in Austin at the institute in time at 9am.”

    Who is your biggest role model?

    “Amber Gustafson, my instructor. She is the person who makes me believe I can do anything even when I tell her I can’t. She compliments my work, tells me she cares for me, keeps me in line, teaches me anything I ask. If I was stuck in a burning building, she would run in and save me. She is the best and most heartfelt human being I have ever met and I cherish her dearly and strive to be as amazing as she is.”

    What is one piece of advice that you would give to your fellow classmates who might be struggling or prospective students in the cosmetology industry?

    “Keep your mind healthy, always believe in yourself, don’t get dragged into the drama that ensues. No matter where you are, just know you can and will succeed at whatever you set your mind to. Literally! Law of attraction.”

    What life lessons have you learned?

    – always be on time

    – always be prepared

    – never stop believing in yourself

    – don’t forget you come first before anyone else (unless you have babies of course)

    – inhale, exhale (you can do it)

    – save your money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    – practice makes perfect

    – fake it till you make it

    Amanda Rodriguez

    Aveda Dallas Spa Student

    “I started looking into beauty schools to further my education and makeup skills.  I was working full time as an actor, costumer and makeup artist (specializing in special effects).

    When I came for my tour I was told makeup was not a big portion at all, but I still decided to give this a chance and it has payed off in so many ways.  I first looked at Aveda because of the Aveda brand and the power behind that name.  Everyone that I admire and look up to in the beauty industry told me I shouldn’t even look elsewhere, and they were right.

    After my tour, I made up my mind, and I am thankful every day for the experiences and education I’ve received here.  After Aveda, I would love to get a job working in a spa on a cruise line, and after that I hope to get a job in a spa as an esthetician where I can continue to bring joy to every one of my clients.

    My motivation every day is knowing how far I’ve come and my excitement to see where I can go next.

    My role model is my mother, who is the strongest, smartest and kindest person I have ever known.

    My advice for anyone who is willing to listen is to never stop. Life can change in so many amazing ways if you just live and have the strength to change yourself for the better.”

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