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    Esthiology Students Do Inspired Makeup for Photoshoot

    Students at Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Hammond applied esthiology concepts and skills to create inspired makeup looks for a photoshoot. Read about the inspiration behind each look and see some of the stunning images below.

    Stylist: Randi Byers

    Model: Ashley Martin

    What inspired the look? “The classic 20’s look, but in a wearable, more modern everyday way.”

    Why did you choose Aveda? “I chose Aveda because of all the opportunities that it provides.”

    esthiology photoshootesthiology photoshoot

    Stylist: Joy Gaspard

    Inspiration:  “Elegance”

    Model:  Randi Byers

    What inspired the look?  “Bridal Magazine”

    Why did you choose Aveda? “I chose Aveda because this school was the top school in town.”
    aveda hammond photoshootEsthiology Photoshoot

    Stylist: Cassie Cline

    Inspiration: “Graffiti art”

    Model: Tabatha Collins

    What inspired the look: “Street art and bright colors.”

    Why did you choose Aveda? “I have an intense passion for the industry. I believe Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute was the best choice to support my career as an Esthetician.”

    Esthiology Photoshoot Esthiology Photoshoot

    Stylist: Sydney Williams

    Inspiration: “Mermaid”

    Model: Hollie Gillespie

    What inspired the look? “Hollies purple hair”

    Why did you choose Aveda? “The good name and reputation”

    Hammond PhotoshootEsthiology Photoshoot

    Stylist: Brooke Deliberto

    Inspiration: “Tribal theme”

    Model: Madisen Hadley

    What inspired the look? “I got my inspiration looking through Pinterest”

    Why did you choose Aveda? “The good reputation and friendly environment.”

    Esthiology PhotoshootEsthiology students do makeup for photoshoot
    Stylist: Olga Johnson

    Inspiration: “Guatemala”

    Model: My mother Olga Johnson

    What inspired the look? “My heritage and where my family comes from inspired me to do this look which captures the essence of what it means to be Guatemalan to me. To be Guatemalan is to be unique, diverse, and full of color!”

    Why did you choose Aveda? “Aveda chose me. I wanted a place that would accept me and help me capture my individuality and Aveda had shown me what my true passion in life is; to help people feel beautiful in their own skin.”

    Esthiology Photoshootaveda_hammond_makeup_olgaStylist: Tammie Fontayne

    Inspiration: “Albino Peacock”

    Model: Bree Rome

    Why did you chose Aveda? “Because the name rings bells internationally”

    Esthiology student photoshootaveda_hammond_tammie

    Stylist: Tabatha Collins

    Inspiration: “Prince”

    Model: Cassie Cline

    What inspired the look? “Purple Rain”

    Why did you choose Aveda? “Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute is the top beauty school in the area.”

    Esthiology photoshootEsthiology Photoshoot

    Stylist: Bree-Anne Rome

    Inspiration: “African Tribes”

    Model: Tammie Fontayne

    What inspired the look? “Tammie reminds me of an afican queen so I decided to make her tribal look subtle.”

    Why did you chose Aveda? “I chose Aveda because I believed their techniques would work best for me.”

    Esthiology PhotoshootEsthiology Photoshoot

    Stylist: Karalee Ainsworth Dye

    Inspiration: “Native ritual”

    Model: Christina Kay Ainsworth

    What inspired the look? The Native American spiritual rituals

    Why did you choose Aveda? “Aveda has always been an interest of mine and one day I got the confidence to apply and it was the best choice I have made on a long time since attending Aveda I have uncovered a whole new me.”
    esthiology student photoshootaveda_hammond_makeup.karaleeStylist: Madisen Hadley
    Inspiration: “Indian look”
    Model: Brooke Deliberto
    What inspired the look? “I wanted to paint with all the colors of the wind.”
    Why did you choose Aveda? “I chose Aveda because of  its great reputation.”


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