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    Alumni from Hammond’s Road to Success

    Molly Dartez, a graduate from Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Hammond, has been able to apply her skills and passion for beauty to achieve one of her long time goals of being a Retail Account Manager for Benefit Cosmetics. Below, read about her journey and how her education from Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Hammond helped set her up for a successful start to her career.

    Student graduated from Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Hammond

    What does having an AVEDA education mean to you?
    “For me, having an Aveda education means the doors are open to endless opportunities. I have the background to do whatever I want in my profession and have the best training and knowledge to do so. Aveda is a very renowned institute and I am so proud to have been able to attend.”
    What was your favorite experience during your beauty school education?
    “My favorite experience while at Aveda was being in the classroom. It is so easy to learn the things you are passionate for and to also be around others in your position learning together towards one goal.”
    Where are you currently working?
    “I work for Benefit Cosmetics as a Retail Account Manager.”
    What does your job entail?
    “As a Retail Account Manager, I am primarily responsible for all aspects of driving the retail sales and service results, and achieving retail sales, service and budget goals in my assigned ULTA locations. I work to develop and grow the Benefit business through team development, training, market knowledge, recruitment, and development of selling, staff managing, and budgets.”
    How did you get to this point?
    “I began my career after Aveda as an Arch Expert for ULTA waxing at the Benefit Brow Bar.”
    What is your ultimate career goal, and how do you plan on achieving it?
    “I am very happy in my role as a Retail Account Manager and have had this job as my focus for a long time. In the future I plan to keep developing as a manager and leader by using creative ways of teaching, coaching and developing personnel. The sky is the limit and I plan to one day have some of the top doors in the company!”
    Do you have any advice for current AVEDA students or recent graduates?
    “My advice for current student and recent graduates is to not wait on your perfect job and miss out on experience within your license. Start working as soon as you can to gain experience within your career field. Take small steps towards your ultimate goal and you will get there, you never know when you may fall in love with a different path to success!”
    Esthiology Student From HammondGraduate student from Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute HammondHammond Beauty school studentbenefit makeup

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