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    Hammond Alumni Spotlight

    Clair Watson graduated from Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Hammond in aesthetics. Her passion and Aveda education led her to her current position as a Medical Aesthetician/Laser Technician at a local, cutting-edge Medical Spa. Read about her journey below and get some of her tips to gain a successful career in beauty of your own.

    aveda institute hammond alumni
    What does having an AVEDA education mean to you?

    “Having an Aveda education is more than just the name.  It’s the whole Aveda way and experience that makes you appreciate your school and the people who are involved in making it a great place to learn.  Aveda also makes every student feel important and that their education is top notch!!”

    What was your favorite experience during your beauty school education?

    “My favorite experience would be the relationships that I formed with all of my classmates.  Having such a small group of people learning the same thing and relying on each other for support and guidance is an amazing feeling.  I’ve formed lasting friendships just by choosing Aveda as my starting point towards such an awesome life.

    Where are you currently working?

    “I am currently working at QnA Medical Spa in Ponchatoula, La as a Medical Aesthetician/ Laser Technician.  It is owned by Dr. Robert Benson who is a local dermatologist and quite an amazing boss.”

    What does your job entail?

    “My job entails retail sales, scheduling our patients, numerous treatments like SilkPeels, crystal microdermabrasion, waxing, laser hair removal, IPL and many more.” 

    How did you get to this point?

    “I got here by persistence.  You’re not going to get your dream job right off the bat, some people are luckier than others.  I was fortunate enough to have an interview with QnA after being out of school for only 6 months.  I was worried that I wasn’t going to get a call back considering all the emails I sent the manager between my interview and getting hired but I was persistent.”

    What is your ultimate career goal, and how do you plan on achieving it?

    “I can’t say that I have a long term career goal but I do have a “right now” goal and the thing is, I have met my goal.  When I started at Aveda, I had every intention on become a Medical Aesthetician.  I wasn’t going to settle for anything less. Luckily I was offered a job right out of school and took it just to gain experience.  It wasn’t what I had planned but it was great to get out there and work.  Now I have the job that I dreamed of and I couldn’t have asked for anything better!!

    Do you have any advice for current AVEDA students or recent graduates?

    “My advise would be to get out there and work!! Waiting around for something isn’t going to make you better at your job.  Get out there and work to gain every bit of experience you possibly can.  Your education isn’t going to stop when you get out of school. Everyday when I come into work it’s something new and exciting and I can’t wait to keep learning!  Also, enjoy what you do.  This is an awesome career with awesome benefits.   Being an Aesthetician is an amazing thing; don’t ever forget that.”

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