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    Camp Aveda at Aveda Institute Lafayette

    Last week, we welcomed new Cosmetology and Esthiology students to Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Lafayette during Camp Aveda, our orientation program that introduces new students to the history and wellness of Aveda culture.

    Check out some pictures from last week’s Camp Aveda and read about some of the experiences of future Aveda graduates.

    “Camp Aveda has been such a fun and exciting program. While introducing me to my curriculum and the services I’ll be providing , camp Aveda has also introduced me to new friends and experiences.” –Victoria Racca
    “My #campaveda experience has been great so far. Everyone is so welcoming and eager to help. Even though it has only been three days, everyone here feels like family and Aveda is home” –Dillon Constantine
    “My Experience at Aveda so far is very mind-blowing. The students and staff are so heart-warming. I am glad I chose this school and wouldn’t look back!” –Ariel Ledet
    “My experience at Camp Aveda has been one I will never forget! Every one of the students and staff members have been so welcoming and loving. I think my favorite thing about it all was that we all got to experience things that we have not get to experience before. I loved it all!” –Abi St.Romain
    “The orientation is different that anything I’ve ever been to. It is very informative and the educators know what they’re doing. I am so happy that I chose this school!” -Brittany LeBleu
    “Camp Aveda has truly been a once in a life time learning experience. From history of Aveda to learning yoga. The staff and students are very sweet and follow an amazing structure. I can tell I will truly love it here!” Allyssa Hanks

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