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    Lafayette April Student Spotlight

    Abi St. Romain was chosen as Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Lafayette’s April Student of the month!

    Lafayette Student

    She is currently a master student and will be graduating from Aveda July 2017. She is a high school graduate from St. Martinville Senior High and now resides in Baton Rouge. Her hobbies include: makeup application services, singing obnoxiously in her car on her commute to school, and promoting positivity to peers and the community. Her favorite life quote is “Nothing has any benefit if it was easy.”

    Abi is a very caring person who never lets her personal life get in the way of her future.  You will never catch her without a smile on her face. She makes others feel special, especially her guest, they always have great things to say about her. She is fun, outgoing, and always encouraging! No matter what life may throw her way, she is always positive and such a joy to her peers, educators, & guests! Abi will be a great asset to any salon that employs her. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for her; she will excel in her career as a Cosmetologist!
    Image of Aveda Lafayette Student
    Words to describe Abi are:
    Team player
    World class

    Why Aveda?
    “I chose Aveda because of the high level of skill and education that Aveda brings to the table. I always heard amazing things about this school and I knew that I wanted to become a part of that legacy.”

    Why Hair?
    “Hair has always been a passion of mine. I know from personal experience that a good hair day can turn a day around completely! Knowing that, I want to make others feel that way every day!”

    Favorite skill?
    “My favorite skill would have to be make applying makeup! Makeup has always peeked my interest since I was a little girl. Makeup has a unique power just like hair does. Those two combined can make anyone look and feel beautiful!

    After Aveda?
    “After Aveda, I plan on shadowing at Salon Lux in Baton Rouge. I also would like to do free-lance makeup as well!”

    Advice for peers:
    “My BEST advice for anyone in this field is ALWAYS keep pushing forward. Life can try to knock you down, but you must always stand up stronger!”

    Social media hair/makeup handle
    Instagram: @looksbyabi                 Facebook: Looks By Abi

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