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    Lafayette’s January Student Spotlight

    Join us in congratulating Rebekah Langlinais as our January Student of the Month!

    Image of Aveda Student of the Month

    Rebekah Langlinais is our student of the month for January! She is a Cosmetology student set to graduate February 2017. She graduated high school from Assembly Christian in 2006 and college from University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 2014.

    She did hair for Londri Magazine Fashion Show and was also featured in a film doing makeup at the New Orleans Film Festival.

    Rebekah has amazing energy and she is a great person to be around. She is a dedicated and coachable student. Her work is inspiring and she is extremely creative and artistic. Her educators were asked to describe some words about her and they listed: world-class, rock star, humble, passionate, career-driven, vivid- mind, and leader.

    She is very deserving of being student of the month!! Congratulations!

    Why Aveda?
    “Aveda has great recognition when it comes to the beauty industry.”

    Why Hair?
    “It has always been something I love doing. It never gets boring and it is always changing.”

    Favorite skill?
    “Styling or building an art piece out of something ordinary.”

    After Aveda?
    “I hope to get a job doing creative pieces for magazines, runways, etc.”

    Advice for peers
    “Allow yourself to experience everything and to never shy away because of others. Be yourself in every way because normality is boring! Life is an experiment.”

    Image from Rebekah’s Masters Photoshoot

    Hair and Makeup by Rebekah


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