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    Aveda Nashville Alumni Spotlight

    Meredith Harwood graduated from Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Nashville and has since been focusing on her growth as a stylist through experience, advanced education opportunities, and learning from other industry leaders. She is a true example of how learning never ends with the support that stands behind the Aveda Family. Read about how Aveda has aided in her personal career growth and what advice she has for future leaders in beauty.

    image of aveda institute nashville alumni
    What does having an AVEDA education mean to you?

    It means that I am confident in my ability as a hair stylist because I was given a great foundation to start with. Not only was I taught practical skills, but I was also shown the importance of being apart of a business that goes above and beyond to care for the community and environment.

    What was your favorite experience during your beauty school education?

    It’s a tie between the Behind the Chair: Color show where I saw first hand the incredible work of top Aveda stylists and the Catwalk for Water!! My fellow students and our teachers did some amazing work!

    Where are you currently working?

    Salon St. Louis–an Aveda concept salon right here in my neighborhood  (I can walk to work!!)

    What does your job entail?

    I’m busy 5 days a week/full time doing cuts and color for my clients!

    How did you get to this point?

    Once I was hired, I trained with two senior stylists for about 4 months before I went behind the chair. It was such a valuable time to soak up knowledge from others with more experience. Though my trainers would tell you that they were happy with how much I already knew coming out of an Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute! They didn’t have to spend as much time with me on the color line which saved so much time.

    What is your ultimate career goal, and how do you plan on achieving it?

    Ultimately I want to stay within the Aveda network and really just become a better stylist. I’ve learned so much in the 2 years since graduating but there’s so much more to do. Going to the continuing education courses is one way in which I keep pushing to be better. My salon owner is awesome and keeps us in the know on when we can go to classes, and the advanced educators are great resources.

    Do you have any advice for current AVEDA students or recent graduates?

    Value your time in school–I know it’s hard at times, but do take it seriously because it is the safest environment to learn in. The teachers want what is best for you and have a lot to teach. Once you’re out of school, you don’t have that safety net anymore, and if you have already graduated, be patient and give yourself time to adjust and grow your clientele.

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