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    Looking Chic in the Fall

    Fall is probably my favorite season. The air is crisp and fresh which inspires me to spend more of my time outside. This season also inspires me to be fresh and chic with a new fall look.

    Here are some of the ways I plan to keep it Fresh this Fall:

    1. Keep your hair from looking one dimensional and flat by adding some highlights and low-lights. People often forget the low-light option, but I love the depth and richness it can give to someones hair, while the highlights keep it from getting too dark. You can choose from many different tones like copper, red, chocolate browns, auburns, golden, etc. Keep with the fall colors but add some dimension for a fresh but rich hair style.

    2. Next, spice up your makeup! I love jewel tones with the rich colors of fall. Add some turquoise and deep browns for your eyes and some coppery blush tones. Pick one focal point on your face and run with it…everywhere else keep it simple. It will look fabulous with your fall hair colors.

    3. Finally, add some chic flair to your wardrobe by layering textures and colors. Wear some skinny jeans, a tank, long sweater, and a cute jacket. Wear a single accessory like a bracelet or ring or snazzy pair or earrings. Allow your hair and eyes to be the focal point, not your accessories (this will be refreshing to have your face and hair as a showcase). Finish with a pair of boots or flats. In closing: Use the fall colors to accent your natural beauty. pair the browns, reds, and coppers with rich jewel tones, and finish by layering textures and colors with minimal accessorizing.

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