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    Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

    AVEDA beauty school mother's day deals I am a mother of three teenagers, and two of my children’s birthdays are in May. So it would be an understatement to say that I desire more than the familiar Mother’s Day fanfare. I still love receiving cards and gifts; however, nothing would peak my interest more than having a wonderful spa day to call my own.

    Call me selfish, or simply aware of my need to “get away”, but a staycation complete with an Aveda Caribbean Body Treatment, facial, and mani/pedi would truly help me feel special and appreciated. Even if I can’t get away from the house, enjoying the indulgent aromas of the Caribbean Body Scrub and Creme would do wonders for my sometimes stressed out soul.

    caribbean therapy

    I love the unique combination of lime and cocoa! The best part about the Body Treatment is the effect: You will walk out of the spa with happily hydrated skin that lasts for days!

    Blog post from Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Tallahassee Spa Student: Nichole Ray

    AVEDA beauty school mother's day dealsWhat could possibly be a better Mother’s Day present than a gift card for a day of comfort and pampering at Aveda?

    Treat your mother to her own custom make over! Here, she will be treated like a queen with a multitude of service options, including: a stress relieving treatment, any hair service of her choice, facials, waxing, and nails, and massage.

    Instead of rushing around last minute, scrambling for a mediocre gift, present your queen with an access pass to personal, professional catering this Mother’s Day. Show her how much she is appreciated.

    This will be a Mother’s Day she will never forget.

    Blog post from Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute South Florida Cosmetology Student: Janay Greene

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