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    No Frizz Hair For A High Humidity Night Out – Video Steps

    The idea for this no frizz hair post came from a message sent to our Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Washington DC Facebook page.  Kimberly Cano had a great experience with our products that solved a problem she’s often struggled with – frizzy hair in high humidity.  Our Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes South locations often hear from guests with this problem, so we decided to do a blog post with steps and a quick video tutorial to help.

    Original email from Kimberly on Facebook:

    aveda institutes south guest review
    Guest Kimberly Cano

    “Hi! My name is Kimberly. About a month ago, a group of stylists went to MDA Camp in Chestertown, MD, to do the hair, nails, & makeup of the female campers. I was one of the campers that got their hair done. Now let me tell you; when I curl my hair, it never stays curled, even though I have naturally curly/wavy hair. It frizzes up, especially in the heat.

    I mentioned that to the nice woman that did my hair & she assured me my hair would stay curled & not frizz up. She was very sweet. The reason I’m telling you all of this is because I had my hair done, went to the dance (danced my butt off in the humidity), then slept on my hair that same night. GUESS WHAT? My hair did not frizz up! My hair stayed curled the whole night even after I slept on it. The next day I didn’t have to do anything to my hair. It was beautiful. So I have to ask, what did she do to my hair??!! What products were used?? Because whatever it was, I wanna buy ASAP!”


    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institutes South student from our Washington DC location, Ellie Blair, styled Kimberly’s hair.  Here are the steps Ellie performed to create that beautiful style that tamed hair frizz in high humidity.


    You can find these products plus additional help with your hair concerns at any of our Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute retail locations. Check our map to see which one is near you.

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Washington DC was kind enough to give us this time-lapsed look at the process described above.  If you have more questions find us on Facebook or show this post at any of our retail locations for more direct guidance.

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