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    Pink Hair We Do Care

    If you peruse through the popular hashtags on Instagram you’ve probably seen #PinkHairDontCare a time or two.  Here at AVEDA, staff, students, and guests are going pink to show that they DO care.  October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this is a cause that is very close to us all.  If you weren’t already aware, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women and one in eight women will be diagnosed in their lifetime.

    Some students, staff, and guests are styling beautiful pink locks to show their support in our awareness and fundraising efforts for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.  Let’s take a look as some of these looks!  Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute students – be sure to bookmark this page for an awesome Pastel Pink formula at the end.


    Short Pixie Cut w/ Aveda Pink Color Formulation

    Aveda Pink Hair Color

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Birmingham

    Our most recent graduate, Lexi L, wanted to show her support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month by getting this awesome silver to pink ombré which was done by Masters student Sarah Parker.

    Aveda Beauty School Pink Hair Color

    Pink Outlining The Face

    Pink Hair

    Photo and Color by Taylor O’Neill

    Pink Hair Aveda Formula

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Birmingham

    Soft Pink Aveda Color

    We’re loving this baby pink formulation from Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Birmingham student Erin Gaynor!

    Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Charlotte

    Pink Purple hair AVEDAColor/Styling/Makeup by McKenna Buck

    pink hair aveda colorHair by: Jennifer Sarchet

    stylist at The Establishment LA salon, an Aveda salon in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, CA.


    Ends were previously pre-lightened. I lifted Jenn’s new growth using Aveda’s Enlightner Powder Lightner + Enlightner Creme Booster and 20vol Color Catalyst.

    After shampooing & conditioning with Aveda’s Dry Remedy line, I dried her hair back to it’s natural texture.


    I then mixed 100g of Aveda’s Full Spectrum 0n + 3g Pure Voilet Protective Permanent Pure Tone + 100g 5vol Color Catalyst and processed for 20 mins.

    After processing I shampooed and conditioned with Aveda’s Color Conserve Shampoo and Color Phinish Condtioner.

    I prepped using Aveda’s Confixor liquid gel and diffused her hair.

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