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    Poetry Art: Installation at Aveda Arts & Sciences Institute Minneapolis

    Creating beauty in a world that can sometimes appear everything but, is exactly what you will experience on the windows of the Aveda Arts and Sciences Institute in Minneapolis. While so many businesses are ambiguous about supporting the diverse perspectives that make up the world in 2020, Aveda Arts is leading the industry in change.

    Aveda Arts has made a beautiful statement to represent the diverse voices of Minneapolis and its surrounding areas. These voices were captured through the creative genius of New Orleans native, Cubs the Poet (@cubsthepoet), a celebrity poet in his own right. Cubs is a poet that creates, transforms, and shares personal stories, of each person he listens to. The installation— #ILOVEYOU highlights black voices and an array of other voices who are speaking from their experience with racism, phobias, etc. Cubs has captured the social climate of the Twin Cities, including race relations, community gun violence, and diversity using LOVE as a warm canopy.

    If it could only be that easy, you say? It is and the Aveda Arts and Sciences Institute Minneapolis does shine a light on diverse beauty. Hairstyle trends come and go but, as Aveda Arts creates beauty on all textures of hair and all colors of skin, they share a holistic perspective of what the future holds for the beauty industry. This creative, inspiring installation speaks volumes that resonate far beyond the intersections of 4th Street and Central Avenue in South East Minneapolis.

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